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3 Times Your Sublimated Swimwear Was More Than Just A Beach Accessory

  • oasissublimation
  • August 1, 2017

It is officially beach time and you have already made two or three (maybe more) trips down to the sandy shores. And each time you graced the beach with your presence, you got praised for wearing that awesome colorful and striking piece of swimwear. Yes, sublimated swimwear is something that we all have come to love.

But did you know that swimwear with such extravagance can be worn as a casual outfit as well? come on, there is no undertone or any suggestion to move around the city wearing a swimsuit (it only looks good in the movies), but if you are the one who loves adventure and doesn’t mind going for a skinny dip after work to relax those muscles, then keeping your swimsuit handy is necessary.

However, carrying a swimsuit around in your bag can be annoying. Why has extra baggage right? But, you are forgetting beauties, sublimation swimwear is just awesome. Learn how to incorporate it into your daily outfits and make those sudden whims an easy-peasy matter.

Look no 1:

If it is a one-piece, then using it as a bodysuit to be worn under your cloth can be a nice way to blend it. Since the prints are pretty much a standout and have an affinity to garner attention, wear a floral printed swimwear and a jean on top. While the swimwear acts as a t-shirt, you can further elevate its beauty by throwing over a vest (to make it look less like a beach wear and more like a top). This help further helps you maintain the workplace clothing decorum. Wear a pair of pumps to elevate your stature (like literally) and look elegant in the ensemble. You can use a modest neck piece to add to your look.

Look no 2:

Now, for the all the two-piece fans, this is an opportunity to make use of your bikini in a more conspicuous way. Wear it as an inner! Replace your lingerie with your bikini and wear under a nice dress. Keep in mind to invest in a piece that is comfortable and doesn’t sting your skin. The rest of the look remains same. Pair of heels, simple hair and makeup, and when you hit the beach; just get rid of the extra clothes to reveal a beauty worth all the praise.

Look no 3:

A sublimated swimwear can stand out on its own and this has been established by now. Pick a bikini of your choice (in as many bright colors as you want) and wear it under a sheer top tucked in a pair of jeans. To add to your sex appeal, wear a pair of pumps and keep your makeup neutral. Too loud anything will make you look ostentatious. Use a neck piece to amplify the swimsuit. For a more conventional rendition of the same, throw over a trench coat. Convention remains without shedding an ounce of the appeal.

So, what are you still waiting? Exploit the flamboyance of your sublimated swimwear to the utmost and reach the pinnacle of fashion.

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