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3 Types of Clothes Perfect For Dye Sublimation Printing

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  • April 1, 2017

Introduced in the 1950s, dye sublimation has been a popular process ever since in terms of the inexpensive printing methods. While most products can be susceptible to sublimation, clothes have been the most used product to undergo this particular procedure. However, when it comes to fabric, not all can endure the process. Thus, to give you a vivid view of the fabrics that are most compatible with sublimation printing, here is a list given below. Read on and find out more.

Cotton clothes

When it comes to the comfort of the wearer, nothing can beat cotton. The sheer ability of the fabric to lend a soft touch on the skin makes it a top pick for the hotter months (as well as the cold ones). Dye sublimation has been tried on this particular fabric for decades now (since its inception). The use of proper inks can increase the life expectancy of the prints which becomes an issue over time. Thus, with the breathability and ease it offers, cotton apparels are the top choice for this type of printing.

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Polyester clothes

The fabric polyester is synonymous with the printing process of sublimation. Polyester garments are constructed with polymers which open up when exposed to heat, reflecting the prints in their full glory. However, wearing polyester for a long time can become uncomfortable (even though they are great at wicking moisture). Most dye sublimation clothing manufacturers use a combination of cotton and polyester to craft a plethora of clothes so as to provide the wearer the best fo both world (comfort from cotton and perfect prints from polyester).

Synthetic clothes

Synthetic fabric is a broad category that consists of a number of other materials. Nylon, acrylic, spandex and rayon are some of the members of the wide category. All the mentioned fabrics offer durability and longevity for which it is considered by many. (They are actually worth the price!) These fabrics do not wrinkle that easy, making them a top choice for sublimation printing. Again, not so popular on the comfort providing criteria, thus, these are usually juxtaposed with cotton to keep the wearer relaxed and at ease all the time.

Picking the right fabric is important to let the sublimated prints stand out. Prominent manufacturers use a variety of the fabrics to construct wholesale sublimation clothing that not only last long but also provide the utmost comfort. These clothes can be purchased in bulk by interested retailers at discounted rates. To stay updated with the latest and exclusive sublimated apparels and get a free access into the manufacturers’ vast catalogue, online registration can be done.

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