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4 sublimation trends for men that made big this year

  • oasissublimation
  • December 16, 2016

This year has seen the surge of many trends, but the one that has caught our attention the most is the use of dye sublimation process. The use of ink and heat gives a high texture of these apparels had a huge impact on the fashion buffs who were looking for something more experimental and untried. The end of the year is almost here and this is the best time to try out this unique street style trend. Here is a list of the clothes that blends well with sublimation technique and should adorn your wardrobe.

Dyed t-shirts

sublimation clothing

Out of all the street style that did big, dyed tees actually made a huge impact. This trippy and funky style had its own versions as fashion biggies took to it and did well with the millennial. Perfect to portray the hipster look, they can be easily coupled with other outfits. So either you pick a pair of knee length shorts or a slim fit jeans, they will still work wonders. You can wear trainers to add a dash of spontaneity to your appearance. For this particular piece of clothing, you would want to cut down on the accessories for avoiding looking flashy.

Sublimated shorts

For whatever may the reason be, you cannot really avoid the flamboyance that a pair of sublimated shorts brings to your style statement. From Milan to New York, it seems like everyone is obsessed with it. They are facetious yet smart. Perfect for casual gatherings with friends or a stroll down the beach, they will help you get the stare from all the ladies around. You can wear them a pair of sandals or oxfords according to your convenience and the place of your visit. Aviators will be the best pick for accessories. You can get sublimated shorts wholesale from reputed manufacturers to make a noteworthy addition to your wardrobe collection.

Sublimated socks

sublimated socks

Might sound a bit weird, but sublimated socks has done pretty well with the men this year. Featuring a variety of patterns and textures, they look unique. Show them off to your friends at any get together by wearing them under shorts and low top shoes. Since they are distinctive, avoid wearing flashy shoes with them. Conventional leather shoes or sneakers in simple solid shades will do the trick for you.

Colour block

Literally speaking, colour blocks were one of the best trends to go around the fashion world. The two tone look adds volumes to your character. They are also not difficult to satisfy your taste for they look fine and polished. From t-shirts to shorts, jackets to hoodies, all clothing outfits boasted the trend. However, when wearing colour blocks, remember to couple them with solids. Too much of textures and patterns may give you an ostentatious appearance. You can opt for a number of accessories that may include scarves, sunglasses and jackets to add layers and stand out anywhere and everywhere you go.

Many celebrities have been seen wearing them on various occasions which make them practical choice. The comfort they provide while satisfying your stylish style is unparalleled. From sublimated capri to shirts, prominent manufacturers have lined the best and latest products that can be purchased in bulk by retailers. Striking discounts are available if registered online now!

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