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4 Things To Know Before You Start Your Business With Sublimation Clothing!

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  • October 14, 2016

In a world where most things can be produced digitally, printing clothes has also become less complicated with the use of computer. Yes, digital printing also known as dye sublimation is a way to digitally produce the designs and then putting them on the fabric through heat pressing. You can simply do it at home once you know the process.

Several sports teams and fitness companies are choosing dye sublimation for printing the uniforms and gym apparels. So, launching a start-up that deals in sublimated t shirts will have a huge potential for growth. Moreover, the cost is not However, before you venture into your sublimation-based start-up, here are few things that you need to keep in mind. Just take a look!

Why Dye Sublimation Is More Durable Than Other Prints?

The process of sublimation, unlike other printing methods, reach deeper than the surface level of the fabric. While the other printing methods do not let the dye reach the deeper level, sublimation infuses the colour into each fibre. this is the reason why sublimated t shirts do not fade away easily just after few washes. But other printing methods do not work on such deep levels and this is why the colour fades away easily.

With sublimated clothing, the colours with neither peel nor crack as it doesn’t merely stick to the fabric. It creates a molecular bonding with the fabric fibres and thus becomes more durable.

The Fabric You Need To Choose

For sublimation clothing, you can’t opt for organic fabrics. Due to the chemicals involved in this process, it will work best on the polyester and polymers. Cotton, bamboo, hemp or wool are not the right fibres when you are opting for dye sublimation. Well, if you want a little faded look, you can go for a cotton-poly blend. But to make sublimation work, make sure the fabric has at least 50% of polyester. However, all polyester products are not appropriate for dye sublimation. If the fabric has any antimicrobial property added to it, then sublimation will not work.

The Colour Of The Fabric That You Are Going To Print

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For sublimation, you must choose white fabric because the ink used in this printing do not turn into white when you blend the base colours. Hence, you can leave an area open when you need it. But when you choose a yellow shirt for sublimation, you can’t use white.

Profitable Items That You Can Sublimate

Dye sublimation can be applied to a wide range of materials starting from t-shirts to socks, hardboard sheet to aluminium. Dye sublimation socks are pretty much in vogue with the sports teams. Ceramic tiles are also being sublimated with beautiful and long-lasting designs.

Have you found all the necessary information here? Well, now it is time for you to get ready for your venture.

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