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4 Types of Sublimation Apparels That Will Make your Summer Colorful!

  • oasissublimation
  • June 15, 2018

Summer is the season of color and if you want more of that in your life then sublimation is definitely the way to go. Sublimation dye and prints collection has reigned over apparels and accessories for some time now, but this time, this trend is spreading its wings further.

In this blog, we are going to list the 4 types of apparels that sublimation has reinvented this season, so that you can get them and add a lot more color in your life. Want to know more? Let’s get on right ahead below –

1.Sublimation Towels

Towels had forever loomed the surface of color and dullness, striding in the monochrome lane for what seems like an eternity. But now, with sublimation going into a new mode of conquer and revamp, towels have had the best deal amongst them all. Sublimation towels come in all types of prints and patterns, whether it be tribal, doodles, or geometric, and people could not have been more amazed. All over the world, people who have long cursed the monochrome monotony of towels have been rewarded with this apparel, and to us, it seems like a divine justice of sorts.

2.Sublimation Socks

In the recent past, socks were revamping their whole game with trends like checks or alternating colors in the same pair, and received to low to moderate success in each of its attempts; until it rose up and got itself sublimated with help from wholesale sublimated clothing suppliers. Now, this apparel is hitting top charts with different designs as the sublimated nature of dyeing has uplifted all restrictions on the apparel and given the flexibility of a t-shirt. One might say, what’s the big deal? Who even notices sock in day to day life?
The answer is simple – just because no one saw the Superman costume, does not mean that Clark Kent would wear some stupid design inside!

3.Sublimation String Bags

String bags had long been eliminated from the fashionable item list and no one thought that it would come back with such a bang. And that is exactly what it did, after resorting to the whole sublimation dye process, string bags have become all the rage, coming up with all kinds of designs from geometric to forest prints and even cartoon and anime variants. If some product was truly breathed life into by sublimation dye, then this one is definitely amongst them.

4.Sublimation Bras

Bras have always played jump rope with excitement and monotony and with the introduction of sublimation prints, it has only made the former side heavier. Be it the bridal variants, or just plain old color designs, sublimation bras are the next hit thing with women around the world and it has definitely made it easier for them to have more variety in their innerwear and underwear wardrobe.

These are the 4 types of apparels and accessories that got a complete makeover from the sublimation movement and is now back on track because of it. Not only will they add a lot of color to your lives, but also, all of these items will be easily available with any of your nearest sublimation clothing distributor and you should definitely try all of these out.

And keep on your toes till next time, when sublimation brings back or reinvents something else for mainstream fashion!


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