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5 Cool Yet Uber-Stylish Ways to Wear a Sublimated Jersey

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  • May 1, 2017

To begin let us all answer one question, with all honesty though? Do you still wear that super relaxing sports jersey from your high school/college? If the answer is yes, we know why you wear it. And if no, then read on the article.

Sublimated sports jersey have become extremely popular over the last few years. They resurfaced when enthusiasts realized that it is more than just a sporting piece. It is versatile and practical. Its sweat-wicking qualities keep the wearer at ease for long hours. So why not wear it now, when the mercury is rising faster than ever?

Thus, this summer, to help you stay cool while looking stylish, here is a list of jersey inspired looks. Read them and draw ample of motivation.

  • Look 1: A loose jersey is best suited with a pair of slim fit jeans. And this has been proven many times. All you need to, tuck the jersey into the denim pants and finish off the look with a pair of trainers. No accessories, no added accompaniments. Just a plain simple sublimation jersey and jeans.
  • Look 2: Summers can be a difficult time (especially with global warming and yada yada!). If jeans are not your pair of choice, then slip into a pair of shorts. Just this time, don’t tuck in the jersey. Let it be open for a super casual appearance. You can further wear a pair of a ballerina for that chic finish.
  • Look 3: Sublimation jersey looks attractive due to their glorious show of prints and patterns. So play with their varied textures by teaming one with a knee-length leather skirt. For footwear, a pair of pumps and for accessories, a modest pendant. This will help you balance the smart casual look, rendering you ready for every occasion, from office to the club.
  • Look 4: If the above looks are too masculine for your taste, then you can try this combination. Tuck in your jersey in a pair of white pants and elevate your stature by picking a pair of pumps. Aviators, a loose bun, and a clutch will surely help you garner compliments from all the onlookers.
  • Look 5: Allowing to provide a little variation to the look mentioned above, for this one you replace the white pants with a midi skirt and pumps for a pair of strappy heels. The rest of the approach remains same, smart and feminine.

Thus, with enough advice on how to cool dress your sublimated jersey, making a distinct style statement should not be an issue for you. Go for lighter shades as that is scientific (lighter colors keep you cool). Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase from manufacturers at discounted prices. There is a vast catalog to choose from, which is surely staggering.

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