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5 varieties of custom polo shirts for the tech savvy generation

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  • February 15, 2016

Polo shirts are old-school; sublimation printing is new. And the combination of the two- sublimated polo shirt– is a complete magic in terms of style and trend. This item has already become very popular among both women and men. So if you- a small clothing business- still haven’t stock them in your warehouse, now might be more than the perfect timing.

Five varieties to charm your customers

Sublimated polo shirts

Although nearly every sublimated polos shirt looks unique and outstanding in their own way, there are few custom varieties that have notched up high in the popularity scale. They have become favorite of every tech savvy’s wardrobe. Here are five of them that are must-haves for all the small businesses-

‘Social media inspired’ polo Shirts

Social media network has become an important part of our culture and lifestyle. This has brought a unique trend in the clothing industry, including in the niche of polo shirts. People are demanding imprints on their wear that relates to social media websites, like the thumbs-up from Facebook, bird from Twitter and different Emoticons from instant messaging services. Such ‘social media inspired’ sublimated polo shirt has gone viral in the market today.

‘Grumpy cat’ polo Shirt

Who would have thought years back that cat would become such an important part in our lives; and that too a grumpy one. But the grumpy cat has been trending in the internet world for years now. Her imprints on tees and bags can be seen everywhere. And we have no reason to believe that imprint won’t work on polo shirts.

Meme polo Shirt

Tell us that you were strolling over the internet and didn’t, even once, came across a meme and we will laugh. That troll face or the socially awesome penguin has become the most awesome thing that has happened on internet. EVER. This made them an ultimate choice for the imprints on polo shirts.

Quotes polo

Quotes polo shirtsIf there’s one term that has been consistently at the top of Google search for years, it is ‘quotes’. So the imprint of quotations on the polo shirts was quite a no-brainer. The quote could be about anything- inspiring, motivating, funny, geeky, or cocky.

Also worth noting for the small clothing businesses- when it comes to polo shirts, few people see beyond the half-sleeved ones. But until recently, full sleeve sublimated polos has become a favorite in the consumer market. One great thing about this variety is that along with stylish look it carries that formal feel. This makes them a perfect wear even in the corporate world.

So stock the above mentioned custom varieties of sublimated polo shirt and glee all your young customers like never before.

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