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Accessorise Your Sublimation Swimwear With Junky Jewelleries, Goggles and More

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  • March 9, 2017

Donning the comfortable swim suit is the most attractive and fun thing to do during the summer beach holiday. You get to flaunt your curves, show off some skin, and take a stroll on the beach sand like a ramp model, without anyone there to judge you. But is your beach trip complete with the colourful and vibrant swimsuit, like a bikini or cover up? No, you definitely need to carry along with you the right accessories to complete your look, with goggles, the flip flops, the dye sublimated towels and much more. You need to look super stylish, and also feel comfortable in your own skin while confidently strutting on the sunny morning, at the beach or chilling at the resort by the pool. For this, packing your bag with the most important essentials is important, and missing on anything would be a troublesome affair for you.

There will be mornings when you would need the goggles and sometimes the matching footwear, and this pushes you to have the supportive elements with your bikini. Here is a list compiled for your convenience.

The cover up shrugs

The cover up shrugs comes in different fabrics, from transparent synthetic to cotton and mesh or much more. These act as layerings, and maximise your beach look to something funky, classy and smart. Sometimes, the bikini is not enough to make you look glamorous, and hence the cover up dresses, kimonos and jackets make you the perfect damsel for the sunny beach or poolside mornings.

The preppy hats

What is beach without the preppy and funky hats? You can wear them with the bikinis, the sublimated beach cover ups and the sports bras worn with denims cut offs too. These hats add a playful touch to your persona. Go for the tasselled ones, or the straw hats, the wide brimmed ones and much more easily available at the leading online stores.

Colorful hair accessories

The hair accessories are must for the beach style stance, as they add a bright and vibrant vibe to your outfit. The Headbands, hair ties and other accessories can be color coordinated to match the swimsuit or can be neutral to blend in with your hair color itself. Wear them according to the hairstyle you go for, and complement them to the fashion statement you have been clad in.

sublimated beach towels

The beach towels

You cannot complete your beach trip without the essential colourful, printed and striking beach towels. The vibrant and attractive sublimated beach towels come in a range of options, from the florals to tribals, or the logo embossed ones. Go for them to match your swimsuit and flaunt them at the beach for some different look that intrigues you.


The bikinis or shorts and sports bras come in different designs, but you need to spruce them with the chunky and statement accessories and jewelleries. They are colourful, bug and flamboyant that complements the playful ambience of the beach.

Thus, the next time you hit the beach, carry these accessories to complement your sublimation swimwear.

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