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Sublimated Hoodies

Cash In On The Sublimated Hoodies Madness!

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  • April 2, 2018

The badass street style is increasingly coming in the forefront in the fashion scenes over the last couple of years. This shift can be attributed to the decreasing influence of the millennnials and the rising influence of generation Z. This demographic juggernaut is opined to be the next big retail disruptor and don’t go over their sheer size because this generation can be brash, narcissistic and surely have an opinion about everything! The clothes represent personalities; they’re no longer just means to cover the body. And thanks to these kickass minnions, the hoodie is back and it means serious business – from the gym to the streets to sports fields, stadiums and even the clubs and pubs, the hooded jacket has emerged as the ultimate statement maker!

Sublimated Hoodies – Master Key to the Psyche of Generation Z!

Generation Z promises to break down conventions and introduce a new era in retail and marketing. Businesses can expect untold riches if only they can find the master key to the psyche of this thriving generation that is becoming the dominant youth influences of tomorrow. Dye-sublimation printing technique comes to the rescue and helps designers and manufacturers in designing distinctly unique and vibrant sublimation clothing capturing dreams and imaginations. Generation Z dreams in color and maybe even fights demons or is the lead guitarist in his or her own dream world – sublimation lets the fashion lovers relive those dreams in real!

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Everywhere You Look, Hooded Jackets Greet You!

Even the runway has been stomped over by street styled clothing and accessories and the hoodies form a major part of it. The efforts of manufacturers have made hooded jackets a staple all year-round and hoodies can be even found other clothing pieces such as hooded sports bras and even hooded towels. The fascination for hoods might be traced back to how cool the WWE wrestlers would look as they stepped out of the shadow or how amazingly suave Arrow looks fighting under his hood or as a matter of fact, how respectful any superhero looks with a hood on. Sublimated hoodies display rich color and crisp designs and prints that make the designs come alive. Superhero characters are very popular among the youth as well as the adults and apart from that, fashion lovers love to wear their favorite music band, 3D animal prints or abstract prints like the one that exudes a deep psychological understanding about everything and everyone.

sublimated hoodies

The craze for hooded anything is not going to die down any time soon. With such unlimited design possibilities, thanks to dye-sublimation, it is only expected to increase day by day. Retailers can cash in on this popularity and flood their shelves with hoodies featuring ioff-beat designs. To save money and get hoodies in bulk, get in touch with renowned manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Don’t be afraid to turn up the madness…Generation Z enjoys being carefree and most importantly, crazy!

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