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Crazy Patterned and Vivaciously Colored Sublimated Socks Are a Happening Trend

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  • July 9, 2016

With the enthusiasm and excitement dye-sublimation took over the apparel industry, it was but obvious that within a few years it would even spread to accessories and other products. Nobody probably thought that the pace would be alarmingly fast! 2015 was the year when sublimated apparel made headlines and we are almost in the middle of 2016 and sublimation seems to be the only thing on everyone’s mind. Even gift items such as mugs and photo frames are not safe from its clutches! One trend that has seemed to have gripped the fashion loving youth as well as athletes is sublimated socks. Yes, the seemingly harmless and quite piece of clothing that keeps the feet comfortably warm is now a major fashion accessory!

Piques Sartorial Instincts

With the introduction of sublimation socks, one has to admit that it was positively increased footwear style from head to toe. Fashion lovers think twice before putting together an outfit because they have to put emphasis on what works best with the brightly colored, printed socks. Though yes, this trend is more in sync with the youth of today than the professionals!

Doesn’t Interfere with Performance

sublimation socks

Athletes and fitness freaks are big takers of the sublimation socks trend and this is because polyester socks are breathable, wicks off moisture and enhances performance and dye-sublimation simply ups the level of cool. This novel printing technique does not hamper the quality of the fabric and neither adds on extra bulk. When the feet is happy and comfortably snug, performers can forget about boils and irritation and just concentrate on running and going beyond.

Expressive Ankle Couture

This generation of fashion lovers treat clothes as an extension of their personality and dye sublimated socks just gives them one more reason to fully express themselves and their unique sense of style. For superhero lovers there is a wide array of Batman VS Superman, X-men, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and more prints to choose from. Apart from that, vibrantly colored printed and patterned socks are galore to take the wearer’s breath away! In fact, dye sublimation also makes customization easily possible and one can get in touch with manufacturers to create one-of-a-kind socks for soccer or any other sports team.

The dye sublimated socks trend is popular among both men and women. It lends a dash of color and a whole lot of fun to the wardrobe and helps to jazzy up any ensemble! It is great for workouts and practice sessions as well as makes players stand out when on the field. If you wish to stock up in bulk, then simply get in touch with a wholesale supplier and avail economical wholesale packages and great discounts.

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