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Custom Sublimated T-shirts

Custom Sublimated T-shirts as Gifts

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  • February 25, 2016

With so many personalized varieties available in the market today, sublimation t shirts have become one of the favorite gift items for many. Or to put it more factually, the demand for custom sublimated t shirts with graphics and texts that complements particular events and occasions have shoot up high over the past few years.

This calls in for attention of small clothing businesses who are yet to understand the nitty-gritty of this- a rather new market trend; and of the people who consider customization as an add-on option that manufacturers offer. Big revenues can be made here, if only you know how to.

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Examples of special occasions

One of the good things about today’s generation is that we celebrate something special and mundane nearly every other day; environment day, rose day, yoga day, cupcake day, happy day, revenge day, and what not. Of course not each one of them calls in for gifts exchange but the prospect does have increased.

Some of the most common days, for which you should customize your sublimated t shirts accordingly includes- parent day, birthdays, anniversaries, friends’ day, Christmas, Valentines Day. Also, there are many other congratulatory occasions like graduation, baby shower, engagement, and more, where people are rooting to cute and stylish custom tees as a gift item.

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Personalize thoughtfully… if needed

Foremost, if you are buying your bulk from a good and renowned manufacturer, chances are that you might not even need to get dirty with the customization option. The standard collection of these manufacturers would already include many such sublimation t shirts. But if that’s not the case, there are few ground rules that you should keep in mind all the while when buying and customizing your order-

  • Know and understand what that particular day or occasion represents. Like for birthdays and anniversaries, graphic of cakes, candles packed gifts are more appropriate; for engagements, tees with rings and happy couples are perfect.
  • Sometimes simple texts work wonders.
  • If possible, use white background (white t-shirt).
  • Don’t make it too colorful. At max keep the color combinations to three.
  • Avoid any graphic at the back side of the t-shirt.
  • Don’t use dates; even when you know the tee is to target 14th Feb or 25th
  • Make sure the quality of the t-shirt is good.

Keep all mentioned above in mind when mass customizing your sublimated t shirts wholesale and your customers will sure find these tees sweet and very giftable.

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