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Dye Sublimation Printing Makes Customization of Uniforms Easy

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  • August 26, 2015

No matter what athletic activity one is associated with, wearing the right uniform for the particular sport is vital for optimal performance. This is precisely the reason why technologically advanced fabrics and manufacturing techniques have started becoming so popular and in demand these days. A player’s ability to play his or her best is not just determined by the talent, practice and hard-work but also the kind of clothes/uniforms one wear. Dye sublimation is one such printing method that has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

Dye Sublimation Jerseys

Chemistry at Its Best

There are a number of printing methods that one can get confused about when it comes to customizing sports apparel, such as, tackle twill, sublimation, heat pressing, screen printing and embroidery. But sublimation printing is regarding as chemistry at its best because when it is heated, the sublimation dye turns into gas and then penetrates into the fibers of fabric and the polyester molecules permanently traps the sublimation dye. The design, print or image becomes permanently inked onto the fabric and it becomes one instead of standing on top of the fabric. It offers a brilliant finishing and retains all the bright colors.

Ultimate in Performance Apparel

Dye sublimation printing combined with moisture wicking apparel provides the ultimate in sportswear. Unlike other printing methods, this technique maintains the wicking characteristics of the polyester fabric so that the wearer is able to feel comfortable, cool and dry even during intense matches. Custom sublimated jerseys feature rich, long-lasting and bright full color and it does not fade, crack or peel even after several washes and after prolonged exposure of the rays of the sun.

Full Scope for Rationalization

This modern printing technique offers unlimited customization options limited only by one’s imagination. No matter what design, color, print, pattern, caption or logo one wants to print on the jerseys, it will be done and with superior finishing results. If you are the coach of a school or university sports team or represent a grass-root level or professional sports club, get in touch with renowned designers and manufacturers for your very own tailored jerseys that is unique and features bold colors and designs to attract the attention of the sports enthusiasts and makes the players feel confident and good about themselves.

Sublimation is regarded as one of the easiest ways to fully customize sports apparel and accessories. There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers dealing in wholesale custom sublimated  jerseys that you can benefit from.


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