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Expand Business with Trendy and Futuristic Sublimation Bags

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  • November 14, 2015

A lot of people are somewhat familiar with the idea of embroidery or silkscreen for personalized bags. A less familiar term is dye sublimation, which has emerged as one of the most popular techniques for custom imprinted bags and even t-shirts and other clothing items made of polyester. The cool thing about this cutting-edge technology and what truly sets it apart is that one can imprint 4 color process and all over design on any tote, duffle, sling or any kind of bags.

The Print Becomes One with the Bag

Sublimated bags are one-of-a-kind because this process enables the prints and designs to become one with the material of the bag as opposed to its standing on top and if one was to run their fingers across the print, they would feel nothing. This allows for better finish and protects it from cracking, peeling and chipping even after multiple washes and prolonged exposure to the harsh rays of the sun. It is a heat printing process that is effective, cost-efficient and allows one to include as many design and color combinations as one wants. For retail and wholesale customers planning to sell such bags would have to partner up with a leading manufacturer specializing in producing these kinds of bags for quality control.

Ideal for Creating Promotional Products

Business owners interested in incorporating promo products as part of their marketing mix will find sublimation bag is the perfect solution. This process allows for multi-color and effortlessly imprints the name and logo of the company along with other patterns and designs. The best part is that this is an affordable method to create bulk bags and since, the finish is arresting and crisp, customers are bound to fall in love with it and help in spreading brand awareness.

Get in touch with manufacturers and wholesalers offering specializing in designing and manufacturing custom-made bags and place order for wholesale duffle bags, tote, string or Sublimated back pack at bulk rates to woo customers.

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