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Getting Creative with Your Socks – Courtesy Sublimated Clothing

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  • April 2, 2018

Sublimated apparels is taking over street fashion and leaving no department unturned. From neckties and shirts, tees and trunks, to even sublimated socks, everything is on its way to being transfigured by this fashion parade!

So, we thought, why not give you some cool ideas to grab some eyeballs to your feet every time you open your shoes. If you think its attention seeking, you might as well check on some sublimated underwear.

The baseline being, you can have color everywhere you want.

Now let’s check out some of the latest sock fashion, courtesy customized sublimated manufacturers.

Space Socks

There is probably no reason to repeat the beauty of color in sublimated clothing. Now just imagine the beauty of the cosmic canvas on your socks as little stars twinkles and the moon waxes and wanes.

It is a delight to watch and you would probably start spending all your time gazing at your feet; this sock pattern is totally going to make it in your insta handle!

Tacky Comic Strips

Remember how relaxing it was to read the comic strips at the end of newspapers every morning? While printed media is on its way to becoming obsolete, comic strips have found new hosts over time.

Imagine having a funny episode of Disney characters on your feet and how wonderful it would make you feel, every time you looked at them.

Isn’t the world becoming so much better – this one is almost like anti-depression wear!

Floral Prints

A staple in any style of print, sublimated clothes recreates florals like no other method. Their true colors make very flower more vibrant and visible. Once you leave your shoes behind, it’s almost like carrying around a mini floral garden on your feet.

Cute and available in socks of all lengths, from ankles, right up to the knee!

Abstract Prints

These are a little hippie and alternative, but can be paired with the most formal clothing suits to give a quirky look. There are kaleidoscope prints that look absolutely gorgeous with solid color suits and shirts.

Plus, it’s also going to be an ice breaker with ankle length pants for those seamless conversation starters.

Sports Teams Socks

Who doesn’t love to wear their team’s merchandise? With sublimation socks, that has become even easier. Now, whenever you are going to watch the next game of your favorite sport, you can add one more item to your team uniform!

So many socks options with sublimation and you are still thinking? Just so you know, they are also very light weight and extremely comfortable for any season.

Why wait anymore? Get your hands on your choice of sublimation socks and enjoy being a part of the worldwide trend! And while you are at it, don’t forget to stay fashionable.

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