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Has Dye Sublimation Become The Future of The Fashion Industry?

  • oasissublimation
  • May 3, 2018

Much has been said and discussed dye sublimation, with a conundrum in the fashion industry that refuses to die down. But can it be assumed that sublimation is the future of the circuit? Here is an in-depth analysis of the industry along with an introduction to the basic concepts of the industry.

Dye sublimation is defined is the process where solid is turned into the gasstate without undergoing the liquid stage. A combination of heat, time and pressure is used to compress the colors onto the surface of the fabric. A digital ink jet printer is used to complete the process. The dye sublimation ink is special colored dyes suspended in liquids that are transferred on the materials using the ink jet printer.

Since heat is used to transfer the color onto the clothes, the dye infuses with the individual strands of the fabric, allowing the print to be permanent.

One of the most redeeming qualities of sublimation is the long-lasting abilities. The color is scratch-resistant, can endure wear and tear and doesn’t wear off when exposed to water. All these qualities combined make dye sublimation a popular printing choice in the fashion industry.

Man-made polymers like polyester and PVC are ideal for dye sublimation because of the fine results this produce. Many wholesale sublimation clothing manufacturers use other natural fabrics like cotton, linen,and rayon to get the sublimation print as well. Blended fabrics are also used often by the manufacturers, depending on the season and preference of the customers.

With the advancement in technology, the ink jet printer is improving in its quality as well. This leads us to the next section which talks about true numbers showcased by the dye sublimation fashion industry. Keep reading to find out more.

A few mind-boggling facts about dye sublimation in the fashion industry

  • The value of the dye sublimation fashion market is estimated to be worth $3.4 billion.
  • The annual growth of in the fashion sublimation industry is a steady 18.4%. The growth period is spread over five years.
  • The increase in the demand for dye sublimation in the fashion circuit is a part of the overall rise in the digital inkjet system.
  • By 2023, the industry is estimated to reach a total revenue of $15.11 billion.
  • Out of all the other industries where dye sublimation printing is used, fashion industry accounts for 77%.
  • With the introduction of new machines, the industry will start growing even further.

These numbers are staggering. Over a very short period, the dye sublimation printing industry has grown significantly. These are to climb even higher. The industry is far from getting saturated any time soon. With a plethora of advantages to offer, manufacturers rely on the process completely. From sublimation shirts wholesale to leggings, the wide range of apparels incorporated with sublimation proves that the fashion industry is highly depended on it. Thus, it is safe to assume that dye sublimation is the future of the fashion industry.

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