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How May Sublimation-Printed Caps Be Utilized To Impress Customers?

  • oasissublimation
  • April 28, 2022

Sublimated caps are an excellent method to expand your current product line, enter new markets, and enhance sales.

We’ve put up a list of ways you may utilize sublimated caps to diversify your product line and increase sales. To get your creative juices flowing and develop one-of-a-kind items for your consumers, check out a bonus tip in each area.

Combine your current sublimated product line

Make yourself a one-stop-shop for all of your customers’ sublimation needs. Bundle matching hats with jerseys if you’re a sublimated sportswear supplier! This allows you to make more money per transaction while also streamlining the purchase process for your customers.

Bonus tip: Even though the buyer only requested one, make mockup designs for both the cap and the jersey. This demonstrates the ability of sublimation and allows your buyers to see how stunning sublimation can appear on both goods.

Enter the world of fandom

Communities with fervent fan bases are fond of printing all sorts of stuff on merchandise. E-sports, fantasy, science fiction, and comic book enthusiasts all like wearing and accessorizing their favorite characters and tales. Fandoms have a fervent following and are likely an underserved niche in the bespoke garment industry. Just make sure you don’t break any trademark or copyright laws. Although you can’t publish copyrighted names, slogans, or photos, many people in these groups have their non-copyrighted content for their niche organization. Here’s where you can learn more about what you can and can’t print.

Bonus tip: Reach out to Twitch influencers and offer to supply them with unique merchandise. Influencers have tens of thousands of followers, and merchandising is a significant source of cash.

Small firms can easily provide various designs

Local small companies dislike large minimum purchase amounts, yet they frequently desire a variety of designs. Sublimation allows you to print a variety of styles in small numbers. Offer local coffee shops, breweries, and bookshops a variety of design possibilities in small numbers. With sublimation, your customer may purchase an entire line of personalized hats that will appeal to their target market with only one order! This simplifies the ordering procedure for both your customer and yourself!

Bonus tip: Create prints that mimic different dying methods or material compositions as a bonus tip to help your customers to experiment with alternative cap designs from a sublimated cap manufacturer without being constrained by MOQs. You may print heathered, camo, tie-dye, or quilted material directly on the cap instead of sourcing heathered, camo, tie-dye, or quilted material. Your buyer may have no idea it’s sublimated!

Corporate and event apparel that has been sublimated

Printing corporate logos, trademarked colors, and even staff names directly onto sublimated hats allow you to create a one-of-a-kind cap for your client. Sublimated caps can be imprinted and put into production right away, making them a speedier alternative than other completely customized solutions that require dying before sewing. This makes sublimated caps ideal for the customer who always requests expedited delivery.

Bonus tip: Be hyper-specific with your consumer; they may not know how to properly employ sublimation, so provide them with suggestions and impress them with your expertise. Here are a few examples of how to be more specific:

Make a cap business card under the visor with social media connections, contact information, and the website URL for marketing purposes.

Offer to include local sights into the design of their cap for local events. The participants will be enthralled by the link to their particular area.

Offer to print the path map on the bottom of the visor for a trail running event; your customer will be blown away.

These are just a few examples of how you may utilize sublimated caps to increase sales for your company. Sublimation clothing manufacturers provide a seamless fulfillment service (SFS) for sublimated headwear, which assists businesses like yours in increasing sales and growing their sublimated company. Place your order now.

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