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How To Choose The Correct Weight For A Perfect Sublimated Polo Shirt?

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  • July 15, 2020

Polo t-shirts are perfect garments for all kinds of conditions. Whether sported as gear for sporting events, as part of workplace attire, or as an informal item of clothing for a night out, polo shirts can serve a broad range of purposes. Nevertheless, it’s crucially important that you choose a polo t-shirt that’s apt for the purpose to which you plan to put it.

Whilst design, color, and size are all essential aspects of picking the correct sublimation polo shirts, its weight is another important feature that frequently goes unconsidered. Certainly, several people might not even be aware that there are various weights of polo t-shirt whatsoever, instead just presuming that all are produced in the same way. The weight of polo t-shirt is all-crucial in affecting not only how it appears, but also how it feels to the person wearing it.

What Kind Of Polo T-Shirt Is Appropriate For An Individual?

It is not just a case that the bulkier the polo t-shirt, the higher quality the clothing. Each of the weight groups has its drawbacks and benefits. When thinking of which polo t-shirt you want to pick, it’s a great idea to factor in the purpose to which you plan to put it and the surrounding in which you will wear it.

The ultimate decision will vary upon your exclusive condition, but as a common rule of thumb and a base from which to start to make your judgments, you can presume that:

Heavyweight polo t-shirts are usually made from more hard-wearing materials which make them perfect for weathers which are chillier and in which the person wearing will be subject to more severe situations.

Medium weight polo t-shirts are usually made from a blend of cotton fibers and polyester and comprise an outstanding negotiation between the two extremes, making them the most famous kind of polo t-shirt.

Light-weight polo t-shirts are usually made from performance polyester materials and contain outstanding moisture absorption and wicking traits.

Yet again, these are sheer simplified rules of thumb and you must cautiously consider the kind of material you want your polo t-shirt to be made from, as well as the functionality and aesthetic aspects of the ultimate merchandise when making your decision.

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