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Know This Before Bulk Ordering Wholesale Fishing Shirts For Your Business

  • oasissublimation
  • September 20, 2023

If you have decided to start a fishing shirt business, then it’s a wise decision, as these shirts are highly in demand nowadays (all thanks to people spending a lot of time in the water, fishing for multiple species in different seasonal and weather conditions). But before you go ahead and contact one of the top USA-based fishing shirt manufacturing companies to bulk order wholesale fishing shirts, you must know what makes quality fishing shirts.

The Print

When it comes to printing techniques, while some manufacturers rely on screen print, others prefer sublimation. Though screen-printed ones are good, sublimated fishing shirts are better. The latter is a form of permanent printing that is infused into the material and the printing technology used in these shirts is an exceptional form of heat transfer. The colors remain as it is for the same time and these shirts come first in durability and comfort too.

The Performance Factor

Performance fishing shirts are crafted out of a blend of synthetic polyester. Other than being comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, these shirts are lightweight and come with a good UPF sun protection rating. If you want high-performance fishing shirts, you can consider investing in microfiber performance shirts. They are available in both short as well as long sleeves. A sought-after sublimated apparel manufacturer offers trendy, supreme-quality performance fishing shirts wholesale.

Stain-Proof Quality

Since fishing is an outdoor activity, there are ample chances that these shirts might get stained. So, the stain-proofing quality of the fishing shirt will matter. You might not get fishing shirts that are 100% stain-proof but even if you get hold of synthetic fiber fishing shirts, then too it’s great since they are good at achieving a significant level of stain-proofing.

Drying Quality

Quality fishing shirts constructed out of synthetic fiber dries fast. It comes with the property of enhancing surface moisture migration which leads to fast evaporation. As it absorbs the sweat quickly, it helps the skin to breathe. Another advantage is they contain antimicrobials and help to slow down the growth and spread of the bacteria. Therefore, these shirts are good at preventing a foul smell.


Quality fishing shirts will always last for a long time. Remember, the better the raw material, the higher its capacity will be to withstand tension and wear and tear. Synthetic polyester can protect the shirt from externalities such as sun and salty water.

Business owners and retailers with an aim to stock the latest sublimated apparel, hurry and place your bulk order from one of the most prominent sublimated clothing manufacturers now! Such a supplier offers simple and easy customization options on wholesale orders!

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