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Custom Sublimated Socks

Let Custom Sublimated Socks Say a Lot About You!

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  • November 10, 2016

Ever thought something as socks can be used as a promotional item? Or have you ever wondered about how important they are? Probably, you did not. Just like most other things in life that we take for granted, socks fall under the ‘taken for granted’ category. But designers and manufacturers have worked really hard in creating interesting, attention-grabbing pairs of socks using cutting-edge technology that is sure to make you sit up and take notice of what’s on the feet – and no, not just the expensive shoe!!

Socks are Especially important for Sportspersons and Fitness Freaks

In everyday life people do wear socks to protect their feet and to maximize comfort while walking but the real importance of socks are felt by the runners and sportspersons. During running, there is a lot of friction between the shoes and the ground, and it is the pair of socks that protects the feet from getting bruised and chafed. Same goes for people associated with sports such as football, soccer, basketball, rugby, cricket or any other sports for that matter. Sublimation suppliers have thought of revamping this piece of cloth that usually stays at the back of the wardrobe and inject some new life into it through the process of dye-sublimation and also seamless technology and better fabric that wick off moisture easily.

Sublimated Socks

How Has Sublimation Changed the Way Socks Were Viewed?

1. Dye-sublimation has taken away the ‘boring’ and made them more fun, quirky and worthy of showing off because of which celebrities are even seen flaunting such high-ankle sublimated socks in bright colors and weird prints.

2. No longer are socks only available in solid colors and seriously yawn-worthy patterns but they’re now available in vivid and vibrant hues and tones and there is simply no limitation to designs, styles, prints, motifs and patterns.

3. Socks are today used by a number of businesses and sports club for promotional purposes even because sublimation is such a modern printing technique that utilizes every inch of a cloth and does a pretty good job at it.

4. Just like clothes can psychologically alter a sportsman’s attitude and make him or her confident, socks too form a part of the uniform and by wearing custom basketball socks featuring gorgeous colors and lovely prints, the players are going to be automatically motivated to play their best against odds.

Whether you want the world to know about your business and carry it wherever they go on their feet, comfortably cradling so that they always remember you or you wish to enthuse your players to keep reaching higher, sublimation suppliers can provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and budget requirements. Get in touch today!

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