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Let’s Vaporize Some Myths About Sublimation Clothing!

  • oasissublimation
  • July 7, 2016

Dye-sublimation has created a quite a stir in the textile industry. As with any industry, there are certain myths that abound sublimation as well. There are rumors doing the rounds on sublimation that is making a lot of people wary about adding this latest trend to their inventory. We have made an attempt to bust those myths and re-instate your confidence in this off-beat approach of textile production.

There Are Few Takers of Polyester Shirts

This might have been true ten years back when people only wanted to wear cotton t-shirts. But times are changing and currently, performance apparel represents one of the fastest growing segments of the apparel industry. If you don’t believe us, just take a look around – from the fitness clubs and gyms to sports fields and golf courses and even the street.

Cotton is a great fabric but the problem is that it tends to get heavy as it starts to absorb sweat and that is something that everyone from athletes, fitness freaks to fashion lovers hate. Sublimation shirts are made of polyester and they’re great because they wick off moisture easily, provides comfort and wearers can flaunt their style or their skills without feeling the weight.

Sublimation shirts

No Money in Sublimated Shirts

At tradeshows and events, it is often heard that one cannot make money with sublimation shirts. But the fact of the matter is that if you can’t make money with these fashion-forward, technologically advanced shirts, then you probably can’t make money with anything. You just have to understand the product and the benefits of sublimation, then you can make plenty of money with it. On the top of the head, dye-sublimation is an innovative printing technique that puts no design and color limitations, whatsoever.

Sublimated shirts are wonderful for promoting a business or brand, the best option for sportspersons and fitness addicts since the shirts enhance performance while looking like a million bucks and even the youth has a lot of fun wearing shirts designed in vibrant colors and prints. The best part is that manufacturing sublimated clothing is inexpensive, contrary to popular belief.

Customization is Not Possible

Customization is possible and one can make use of every inch of the garment with as many color combinations and design elements as desired. This is why sports clubs opt for sublimated volleyball jerseys, soccer or any other sports jerseys. It is possible to create strikingly unique jerseys featuring the name and number of the players along with the name or logo of the club or team and sponsors.

sublimated jerseys

There are numerous strengths in sublimation apparel and the current fashion trends are certainly favoring its growth. So, there is nothing to fear. Just contact a reputed sublimation clothing manufacturer and start stocking up!

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