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The Future of Apparel is Here – Sublimation Clothing

  • oasissublimation
  • February 20, 2018

For athletic directors and fitness enthusiasts, apparel is a constant source of frustration. Rigorous and continued use of clothes become subject to constant wear and tear and it costs team owners and fitness club owners thousands of dollars to keep renewing jerseys and fitness apparel while they are already on a tight budget. A lot of clothing manufacturing companies is…

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sublimated tee

Sublimation Printing: A Great Trend for Fashion and Business

  • oasissublimation
  • August 24, 2016

A new trend in customized apparel is creating a quite a lot of stir and excitement in the booming multi-billion dollar t-shirt industry. With the continuous upward graph in the improvement of digital printing technology, graphic designers, artists and even photographers are pushing themselves to come up with vivid, unique and interesting work, not just on paper but on clothing…

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sublimated shorts

Bring Flair and Finesse to Sports Uniforms with Sublimation

  • oasissublimation
  • August 23, 2016

Taking a look at sports uniforms of the yesteryears, it is evident that sports had no association with fashion whatsoever. But one look at Rio Olympics 2016, ATP World Tour or UEFA Euro 2016, it is clear that sports clothing have come a long way and that fashion has certainly forayed into the sports apparel industry to add spunk and…

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Cheap Volleyball Jerseys

Let’s Vaporize Some Myths About Sublimation Clothing!

  • oasissublimation
  • July 7, 2016

Dye-sublimation has created a quite a stir in the textile industry. As with any industry, there are certain myths that abound sublimation as well. There are rumors doing the rounds on sublimation that is making a lot of people wary about adding this latest trend to their inventory. We have made an attempt to bust those myths and re-instate your…

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sublimated soccer uniforms

4 Tips to Get Hold of Custom-made Sublimated Sports Uniforms from Wholesalers

  • oasissublimation
  • June 29, 2016

The lofty invention of sublimation printing technology which has only initiated with the textile industry, has currently crossed the boundaries of sports arena. Hence, the collections of uniforms for different sports like soccer and polo can get a new touch of grace and panache with the help of this technological advancement so that they can appear immensely stunning to the…

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sublimated clothing

Are you a F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series lover? Show your admiration through sublimated clothing

  • oasissublimation
  • June 14, 2016

Friends , the iconic TV show ever made , has been gracing our screens since 1994, and we can never get tired of the awesomeness it holds! From being the teacher of friendship, to inculcating within us the meaning of what life is all about, the audience has always been grateful to the cast and crew for gifting us with…

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sublimated socks

Soccer fans can enjoy Euro Cup 2016 with wholesale sublimation products and clothes

  • oasissublimation
  • June 10, 2016

Soccer fans are definitely going to have the best of their times due to the upcoming Euro Cup 2016, be it watching their best teams play or hooting for their favourite players. Seating at the couch and enjoying the matches with friends with soft drinks and popcorn has something very delightful and congenial, and hence, soccer fans never let a…

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Sublimated T-shirts

6 Popular Designs For Your Sublimated T-shirts

  • oasissublimation
  • May 23, 2016

While customization options with sublimated polos and round-neck tees provide the opportunity to small businesses to personalize their wholesale accordingly their customers’ specific needs and demands, it is a challenge in itself. What kind of colour combination should you choose? What kind of design should you go for? And so forth. If you find yourself in doubt with these same…

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sublimated capri pants

Rev up your closet with sublimated capri pants this spring

  • oasissublimation
  • April 22, 2016

With the constant runway shows and movies, the global fashion scene is getting highly inspired to do different fashion trends , so that the fashion-conscious crowd remains enticed with the awe-inspiring outfits. Now that you have almost tried all the brand new clothing trends, what about adding a spin to your wardrobe this spring with novelty in terms of prints…

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Hottest Summer Sublimation

Looking Cool is the Hottest Summer Sublimation Mantra

  • oasissublimation
  • April 19, 2016

Summer is back and so are the short clothes. The days of jackets and pullovers are over again. The scorching sun once more makes us slip into lighter and cooler clothes. This season you have the opportunity make a whole new summer style statement with the sublimated fresh launches. Let’s take a look! Short Story Imagining the summer without the…

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