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Most Popular Sublimated Accessories 2017

  • oasissublimation
  • April 14, 2017

Sublimation prints are gaining thorough popularity all over the world and for all the right reasons. While it is true that sublimation is best on clothes, the scope of this infallible means of printings has spread over to a range of different accessories as well. Here are some of the most popular sublimated accessories that are expected to rule 2017 in terms of trend and demand…

Belts – Sublimated belts are very popular among youngsters mostly because they are lightweight and breathable and thus are perfect as a part of summer casual wear. They also form attractive gym / sports gears as well.

Shoes – Sublimated shoes are not as common as their counterparts or as easy to attempt as basic jersey sublimation procedures. However, quality manufacturers that do attempt the process have come out with remarkable options that very high in trend quotient while being very comfortable on the foot and wallet as well.

Bags – There is something effortlessly chic about sublimation bags that have been attracting the interest of millions of buyers around the world. From handbags to laptop bags, from shopping bags to baby bags, there is every option that can be located in the best of lasting prints and style. These bags are also known to strike a cord with environmentalists for their greener fashion and utility approach.

Caps – Sublimation caps are here to stay and are expected to rule the world of style, trend and effective accessory options long into the distant future. They happen to be any wholesale manufacturers’ favorite and can be very easily customized as well.

Socks – Sublimation socks will continue to generate phenomenal demand all through 2017 and beyond. Whether for sports, gym / fitness or casual wear, there is practically an ocean of never ending options in terms of designs and styles that can often ensure that no two pairs are alike.

Scarves – Sublimation scarves are gaining popularity mostly because of the smoothness and effortless trend quotient reflective on the prints. The fabric that is most compatible with sublimation prints is usually polyester or careful mix of the same which may be the only drawback especially when used in summers.

Face Towels – There is a growing awareness about sublimated face towels mostly in the world of fitness and sports. These options are easy to pack, amazing to use and very sturdy through months of washing.

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