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sublimated capri pants

Rev up your closet with sublimated capri pants this spring

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  • April 22, 2016

With the constant runway shows and movies, the global fashion scene is getting highly inspired to do different fashion trends , so that the fashion-conscious crowd remains enticed with the awe-inspiring outfits. Now that you have almost tried all the brand new clothing trends, what about adding a spin to your wardrobe this spring with novelty in terms of prints and patterns? From tropical looks to wild animal motifs, you cannot deny the fact that women love experimenting with colors and patterns , and embracing them in spring can be the most vibrant fashion statement. Also, the print or pattern you wear will reflect your personality and lifestyle quite effortlessly, with the fact that sublimation printing technology is giving way to more trends in graphical patterns for women.

You must be tired of those simple and single colored capris and trousers, but the sublimation products wholesale manufacturing hubs have come up with the exotic practice of adorning the plain capri pants with ritzy-zesty prints in a wide array of colors. If you are interested to go for a makeover for your casual style stances, then we will help you with the key prints on capris which can be chosen:

• Feminine florals

sublimated capri
Floral Sublimated Capri

If you are the women who loves to embrace her femininity with open arms, and springs means blossom and buds for you, then capris with florals will look graceful on you. These floral motifs come in both abstract and realistic edge , and they are highly intriguing. The feminine countenance with gorgeously appealing florals look best when teamed with single colored tops or tees and can be worn anywhere to brighten up your spring days.

• Vintage tie-n-dye

For the chic ensemble , you can try out experimenting with a wide array of colors brought t out by the tie-n-dye sublimation prints. These prints are mixtures of a range of color combinations, be it in lighter shades or darker tones and hence can b teamed with any colored top easily. Women who love tie-n-dye are more content with themselves, instead of following others.

• Bold and wild animals

Women who stack their wardrobe with animal prints can once for a change get hold of an animal printed sublimated capri. Lovers of animals prints reflect the mental strength of an ambitious woman who is unstoppable in life. Be it the snake skin motifs or the leopard skin, prints in black and yellow , an animal printed capri will go easily at the party or at the gym.

• Summer tropicals

If you want to be in tune with the ambience and weather of summer or spring, then the capri you are opting for must come in bright and funky colorful tropical prints , reflecting the greenery and water bodies of the earth , in a mixture of flowers, plants and ooze with rawness and rusticity.

Sublimated Capri
Stylish Sublimated Capri Pant

• Get the universe on your capri

The designers have evolved the trend of getting the world of geography into the clothing ,and hence you can try out something preppy with a sublimated capri designed with the photographic representations of stars, the scenes of the world, city life, planets, sky and many more, close to reality.

• Splashes of colors: Print blocking

Now, instead of sticking to definite motifs, it is also another option for sublimation clothing to get decked up with color blocking , by putting together large chunks of hues in indefinite shapes.

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