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Sartorial Prints Perfect For Styling For Latter Half This Year

  • oasissublimation
  • September 8, 2020

There are no new prints, the trickis how you interpreted them. Amid a sea of minimalism, seeing bold new takes on prints for the coming season is a welcome break from the muted toned monotony. While people do love their fair share of nondescript clothing, revival prints on the other hand has taken a front seat.

Yes, we are talking about the polka dots, tie n dye and what not! Retailers can make room for such clothing in their store by dropping a mail to one of the sublimation clothing . So, read on to find out more about such trendy apparel pieces.


The jungle print is one of the popular prints of the season. Backed by unique shades of green and sparks of yellow and blue think about the flowy dresses that’ll look gorgeous in this print. Most importantly if you love the summery vibe, invest in these.

Polka Dots

Ever since designers revealed the polka dot on his classic hourglass dresses, we’ve been obsessed with them. It adds a certain level of polish to any outfit, thanks to its uniform nature. But while last year was all about that skater dress, this season is more about how to wear them in a fresh way. Think gentle white spots backed by a bold green or dresses with oversized shoulders bedecked with the classic black and white.


Once reserved for hoodies, these days, tie-dye is very much the high-fashion print. Although recently, creative experts are turning to apply this print to trousers, skirts and jackets. And if you’re still more of a lover of the traditional surfer style, fear not, as designers have a grown-up ’80s-inspired tie-dye sweatshirt.

Vintage Floral

One of thefavorites from last season’s stylethe vintage floral are too beautiful to not pull off! It was a celebration of print, colors, and gorgeous ’70s-style silhouettes. One of the standout prints was also vintage in style with over-the-top boldly coloredfloral. Expect to see this everywhere this year.

Contact one of the popular sublimated clothing manufacturers Australia and checkout the vast assemblage of trendy apparel pieces that the supplier has in store. What’s more! You can even avail cool discounts on the products, hence hurry!

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