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Shuffle Your Summer Wardrobe with Sublimation Shorts this Season

  • oasissublimation
  • March 5, 2018

Summer is on the way and everyone is all geared up to show some skin, get some tan, and play it cool for the next few months. With the changing moods of people, fashion standards are also shifting from classics to funky; from trousers to shorts.

Retailers all over are stacking up on wholesale sublimated shorts for the coming months and it is evidently important for you to understand how to style yourself with these supercool bottoms.

To get things going, here are some of the most famous sublimated shorts looks that you could follow or tweak this season!

1. Sublimated Shorts With Half Sleeved Shirts And Sandals

This is the classic beach look if there ever was one; it is cool, light, and keeps the heat at bay. Inspired from Jamaicans, one could accentuate its appeal by leaving the top buttons of the shirt open and going for a casual look.

The sublimated shorts must sport brighter colors like green, fluorescent shades, yellow and purple. One also has accessories options in watches, neck pieces, or beaded wrist bands.

Already able to imagine it? Do not forget to try this dare bare look this season.

2. Go Bold With Topless Shorts

Another classic men’s beach look, this one is only for the self-confident and ripped people. If you are extra adventurous, you could still give it a try being none of the above!

All you need is a colorful sublimated pair of shorts and a happening beach to show yourself off in. Remember, do not get too daring in empty beaches – it looks too tacky!

3. Mixed Martial Arts Fashion With Compression On Top And Shorts Below

This one is a bit out of the box and goes well with fellow athletes. Good for a walk outside or around the campus, the MMA look is sure to grab some eye balls if you carry it well enough.

Just pair bright colored shorts with monochrome half-sleeved compressions; and, if you opt for the reverse, make sure that you have something printed on your monochrome sublime shorts.

Note: Retailers are buying printed sublimated shorts wholesale because of their imminent demand as predicted by fashion experts this summer.

4. The USA – Print It The Custom Way!

This design will never go out of style because it is every patriot’s favorite. The imprinted flag on shorts go really well with black and other solid half sleeve beach fit shirts.

Also, it is absolutely majestic to watch the beautiful color rendition of the American flag on these shorts.

After taking a look at so many styling options, you can definitely think of something with sublimated shorts in it that will work for you. Why stay behind all summer season? You deserve and should be fashion- savvy too!

Keep it stylish!


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