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      Wholesale Sublimation Shirts Supplier

      Shirts have always been one of the primary apparels in any wardrobe of the western civilization, be it a man or a woman. In recent years, the clothing has come a long way from where it started and adapted to the latest style trends; so much so, that today, when you see a shirt and compare it with another from the past, it is almost unrecognizable.

      At Oasis Sublimation, we have studied this journey better than most shirt manufacturers, so that our sublimation shirts strike a balance between trends and bring back what was great to combine with what is new. We are a wholesaler and supplier of sublimated shirts and cater to a huge load of retailers and distributors in the United States of America. Having over a decade of experience in the field, Oasis Sublimation has more or less mastered the art to perfection – something that your apparel store or business could definitely use.

      We are manufacturer of best quality sublimation shirts

      If you are on the lookout for top quality sublimated shirts in bulk and at wholesale rates, then Oasis Shirts is the right choice for you. We have years of experience and in that time gathered and developed knowledge that is far more relevant and advanced than most of our contemporaries. This is the reason why so many of the retailers and distributors partner with us, because we ensure the best quality at what we do.

      Our manufacturing procedure is elaborate and synchronized to make sure that each of the products attain the same benchmark every time. From the latest manufacturing technology to large production units with expert and experienced employees, each of the apparels we produce at Oasis Sublimation is a representation of our spirit in its own right.

      Oasis Sublimation also has a team that works on the research and development of the fabric blends to make sure that the shirts come out with the trust sublimated colors – much like a 4K Ultra HD TV.

      We have an elaborate catalog of sublimated shirts

      When it comes to variety, Oasis Sublimation is far ahead of all its contemporaries. The company is one of the most diligent when it comes to adding more to our catalog. Our sublimation shirts are inspired from a variety of the latest market trends and come with designs that are going to feed the esoteric customers you have.

      From designs of the pyramids to new spiritualism, we bring a lot of variety with our wholesale sublimation shirts and you can totally cash that in for your retail store. Not just in terms of designs, but also color and variety, Oasis Sublimation is far ahead of any of its contemporaries. We believe that we could be the key to your overall sales improvement and that our sublimation shirts are what you need to escalate your apparel demands and make your customers happier.

      Try our customized collection of sublimation designs

      Customization is the very backbone on which the top retailers are doing their business today and if you want to do the same, then Oasis Sublimation is a great choice for you. Why? We let you come with design specifics and ideation which is then modified by our expert designers to make it implementable to your shirts bulk orders.

      Oasis Sublimation leads the way in custom technology and is driven by some of the most diligent fashion designers in the industry who make sure that all your bulk custom orders are a representation of the Oasis Sublimation spirit. We have an extensive catalog of common customized back ground templates and we are waiting for your ideas to come in.

      Once that happens, we can work on the final design and let you approve it, before we send it to the manufacturing units – and you have your dream product. Why you need it? Here’s a few points that might help you understand the importance of custom shirts –

      • Uniqueness is the key when it comes to client pleasing and indulgence and the retailers that have the factor will always do more business.
      • It let’s you create a brand with your instinct and the success is in your hands – you can work on designs that you think will appeal to your market better.
      • It makes your collection more diverse and gives you the edge over competitors.

      So, what are you still waiting for? Get your custom orders in at Oasis Sublimation today and see your business change for the better.

      We are also a private label manufacturer of sublimation shirts

      Oasis Sublimation pays special attention to our private label retailers and their needs and we make their success our priority. Private label is widely considered a notch above regular retail and these sublimation wholesale shirts need to have X factor because of the crowd that is likely to buy them.

      This is one of the main reasons why at Oasis Sublimation, we allow the private label retailers to come up with design ideas that can then be implemented in bulk orders. In fact, we also make sure that each of the products are better in quality, fit, and comfort than any other private label retailer in the market – because that is the only way these clothing apparels can grab the big dollars for you. Oasis Sublimation believes in growing and our private label collection is rooted in that spirit itself!

      Become a distributor of Oasis Sublimation Shirts

      If you are impressed by the services we offer and want to start a business with our full sublimation shirts, then you are in luck. Oasis Sublimation is open to signing up distributors now and all you have to do is fill up the form and wait for our executive to get back to you.

      They will then guide you through the entire process of association and take your bulk orders of the best products at wholesale prices. So, what are you still waiting for? Get with Oasis Sublimation now!


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