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Sublimation Clothing Global Market Prediction 2017 – A Brief Insight

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  • April 15, 2017

The world is waking up to the advantages of sublimation prints in clothing and accessories alike and manufacturers are getting prepared to face a flood of demands in every category and from all corners of the world by midsummer this year. As far as the views of global fashion gurus and clothing experts are concerned, here are a few potent market predictions for sublimation clothing manufacturing that all manufacturers are assured to benefit from…

Overflowing demand will continue

  • This is the first prediction that has in fact, made many new wholesale manufacturing entities very happy. The rise in demand will generate ample scope for new manufacturers to step into the market without feeling the dearth or orders and associated growth and profits. Even localized endeavors can hope for phenomenal success considering the fact that demand is expected to pour in from all over the world.

Manufacturers will reap greater profits following drop in printing equipments and manufacturing costs

sublimation tshirts

  • Secondly, evolution in sublimation printing technologies and subsequent drop in the cost of equipments has resulted in more cost effective production. In fact, certain sublimation printing machines are so affordable that home based enthusiasts can also indulge in the same to express their creativity. This again has played a massive role in making purchase very affordable for end buyers without compromising in profits in the part of wholesale buyers and manufacturers.

Scope of sublimation will cover clothes and accessories equally

  • While it is true that sublimated t shirts rank phenomenally high in popularity in comparison with all other sublimation garment categories, it has been predicted that 2017 could be the year of sublimated shoes, socks, scarves, belts and many more. This development is owed mostly to the improvements and evolution of sublimation machines and equipments that can support printing in materials beyond the usual white polyester.

Research is presently been conducted on expanding the scope of materials on which sublimation prints can be applied

  • Last but certainly not the least, research and studies are raging towards the direction of expanding the scope of materials on which the prints can be applied while maintaining the impact and longevity of the same.

Polyester is presently the most favored fabric with which sublimation printing processes are most compatible. In the forthcoming years, the experts intend to include a number of different sublimation compatible fabric blends which will directly diversify the reach of sublimated clothing and accessory options per se.

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