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Sublimation Printing Or Screen Printing? Which One To Go For?

  • oasissublimation
  • June 5, 2020

Dye-sublimation printing and screen printing are the two most talked-about t-shirt printing procedures that are offered by most manufacturers of wholesale sublimated clothing in Miami. Screen printing is an analog procedure where ink is bodily infused through a fine mesh stencil via a squeegee onto the tee being printed. The ink creates an opaque layer that shades the clothing. Sublimation printing is a digital procedure where ink is initially printed onto a particular transfer paper which is further heat pressed onto the clothing being highlighted. The heat from the heat press transforms the dried sublimation ink into vapor, the vapor goes through the clothing being printed and when it cools down it shades the clothing.

Factors To Take Into Consideration Picking Between Sublimation and Screen

Comfy Long-Term Prints

Both dye sublimation and screen printing can generate prints with a soft hand feel. Dye sublimation ink by nature-infused the substrate fabric, so the ultimate print has no obvious weight, you cannot feel the print, leaving you with comfy clothing. The soft hand can also be attained with screen printing through discharge ink or water base but you generally have to ask for this from your local screen printer as most screen printers use plastisol ink for the majority of work involved in the production process. In a huge production, workflow, plastisol ink is simpler to work with. Plastisol ink leaves a layer of ink resting on the top of the clothing. Both processes, when correctly executed will generate enduring prints that will not fade or crack after numerous washes.

Specialty Printing

Sublimation printing simply prints shade. If you need specialty effects such as metallic or foil ink, glitter, crackling effect, puff, shade changing prints, glow in the dark, screen printing is the only way. Sublimation printing is restricted to the CMYK color range. Screen printing with the correct color mixing system can hit near about any PMS color. For corporate logos that need a particular PMS shade, screen printing is favored.

Business owners if you want to incorporate sublimated polo shirts or any other sublimated apparel for that matter into your store make sure you are in touch with the most eminent manufacturer in the industry. All you have to do is check out the range of collection and pick out the pieces you think would work for your store and place your bulk order for the same to the company’s support team. They will reach back to you in no time for the same.

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