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The Appealing Ways to Try Out The Sandals and Sublimated Socks Duo This Season

  • oasissublimation
  • September 29, 2017

A lot has changed in the global fashion scene over the decade, and this is how the trend of wearing printed socks with the sandals has also been socially accepted widely by the women. This fashion statement requires a lot of confidence, and this debuted on the runways several seasons back. There was a time when people were reluctant on this, and today this trend is surfacing all over the clothing industry with immense craze. The idea of sliding through the strappy heels with the printed socks is recommended by the bloggers to magazine editors and dictated that this idea is nothing to be frowned upon.

You might find this as a tricky fashion quotient, wondering if you would be confident enough to pull this off. An impeccable and bold step as this is, you need to have the right sense of this, so that you can understand the tips and tricks to perfect the art of combining them.

Here are some tips to try the super awesome fusion of sandals with printed sublimated socks.

The print on print pretty look

You can do floral, plaid, geometric, abstract or stripes in on outfit, and rock this with the sublimated socks, and sandals pair. Make sure that this pair is in the same color palette as the outfit so that things are in trend and the outcome would be a perfectly color-coordinated look for casual occasions, from dates to weekend errands and other events. The print on print look might sound and seem pretty weird and tricky for you, but is actually a daring step to undertake for a very different and unique ensemble option. Also, choose sandals in a color that contrasts your socks but matches your outfit.

Go monochromatic with your outfit

If you are wondering about the quickest way to try the trend, then you must experiment with the printed socks and sandal duo worn with the monochromatic outfit. The thigh high printed socks can be worn with the black ankle-strap sandals. This pair can be fused with the a striking single colored fur-trimmed jacket and a micro-mini dress. Obviously, monochromatic is flattering and the patterned socks will add edge to it. You can also pull this off by rocking the single color palette from head to toe, for the streamlined and classy stance.

The micro denim shorts at your rescue

Denim is a very versatile clothing style options that can be carried off with any clothing staple with ease and confidence. Transform your denim shorts and sublimated polo look something extra sexy and fashion forward by pairing it with printed over the knee socks and sky-high platform sandals. Instead of the over the knee socks, you can also count on the ankle length ones.

The tailored ensemble

If you are thinking of wearing an elegantly tailored or structured outfit, it is time to make it look out of the box with the printed socks and sandal pair. The chic and dresses down vibes is easily possible in this ensemble and for this you just have to remember to color coordinate. Carry this look to any socially gathering.

Always go ahead with the LBD

If you have the LBD that you are going to wear at the next weekend’s pubbing scenes, lend this the socks-and-sandals treatment. This is easy as no matter what style LBD you wear, just pick sublimated socks that come in a contrasting hue and wear sandals that come in another color and in a very sleek shape and style.

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