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The dynamic sublimation wear prints catering to a mishmash of fashion-forward crowd

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  • April 25, 2016

The global fashion scene is no more restricted to the shackles of fabric, style and color. There was a time when fashion for different age groups or genre of people depended on the style of clothes , for instance kids would stick to something adorably cute, teens would like to wear chic and grownups stick to something elegant. But today, the style quotient has gone beyond just the cut and shape of the outfits and moved to the various prints and patterns brought in by the advanced sublimation printing technique. This digital method of getting full-colored images printed on the body of the clothes is completely in vogue these days, and people are definitely loving them. The sublimation wear manufacturers and designers are crafting the outfits with the prints which would complement the age and personality of the people and these patterns are reflecting their nature and lifestyle effortlessly.

We will get you covered with the prints which are trending right now:

• The world of animation for the munchkins

To entice the little ones, the manufacturers and designers have brought in the trends in prints with the photographic representations of the caricatures and animated characters like the world of Disney and the super powers. For the girls, the patterns get restricted to the prince and princess, with barbies, and other girly connotations. Whereas for the little studs, the sublimation prints are imprinted with the images of the superheroes like spider mans, superman and many more. The clothes like tees, or shorts adorned with these prints get a quirky edge and kids definitely love flaunting them!

• Raw and rustic for the music lovers, especially rappers

sublimated hoodies
Custom Sublimated Hoodie

We all know that the music rappers love to showcase their range of sublimated hoodies which are mostly embossed with photographs of the spunky and punk characters and music legends and also funny quotes get a place on their clothes. The patterns and prints mostly came in base color black , and the funky designs reflect a rustic flavour.

• Tropical motifs for the beach lovers in summer

Men or women, who love to hit the beach on the summer or spring, love to dress up in clothes which get a soothing and stylish touch with tropical prints in terms of greenery and blue water, with palm trees and open sky. The natural sceneries and tropical edge which these tees get look cool and chic , and can be worn by both men and women.

• Bold and wild animal motifs for the party lovers

For the party people who love the night around the town scenes at pubs on Saturday nights, the manufacturers have introduced the wild and bold range of outfits, be it the animal printed jackets for the men or the sleek dresses of the women. The prints come in monochromatic snake skin prints or colorful and black and yellow leopard and tiger patterns.

• Floral accents for the college going teens

Sublimation Shirt
Floral Sublimation Polo Shirt

Girls love florals on their dresses, be it the floral palazzo, or the mini white floral pretty dress. Thus, the manufacturers got this chance to produce outfits for the teens in classic floral prints , with both classical and abstract connotations.

• Indefinite and abstract for the fashion-forward men

Even men have fallen in love with the colorful prints , and hence the manufacturers got them the newfangled range of sublimation shirts with abstract motifs and watercolor patterns , for casual outings.

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