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The Emergence Of Sublimation Clothing In Women’s Fashion

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  • December 27, 2020

Changes occur and fashion is one of those things that appear to change as fast as any. With lots of new micro-fibers and wonderful new synthetic poly mixes sublimation clothing manufacturers expect doing a lot more very imaginative sublimation printing on a range of fabrics and styles.

The method of sublimation actually seemed to take off post-2006, nothing that much of it had to with the economy then. Before this time, much of the fashion accessible was mass-produced overseas and the big box stores of the days were purchasing in container loads, if not more. As the world and the economy changed, so did the purchasing habits of several people. This opened the door for brands that make a wonderful product in the fashion industry but do not need to purchase a full container to be able to make cash. Simultaneously, society changed how and what kind of clothes people wore. No longer did people want to wear what everybody else was wearing, people wanted to wear clothes that spoke to their individual personality, particularly in women’s fashion. This made sublimation ideal matrimony since women could get more customized clothing and were keen to pay a bit more for it. Now brands could manufacturer short runs and retail store owners could hold fewer inventories because of sublimation.

Other huge changes that actually let sublimation grow in the women’s fashion industry were the changes to the materials, as well as the burn-out shirts. The burn out shirt is a 50-50 clothing where a part of the cotton in the clothing is “burned out” of the shirt with a chemical leaving a good soft polyester shirt with a tad bit of cotton still in it. When decking these shirts, not only are they very soft and comfy to wear, but they give you an exclusive washed out or distressed appearance. Plus, certain companies changed how the polyester was being woven enabling a kinder gentler polyester shirt. Brands started to get imaginative and began pressing shirts that were previously sewn together, deliberately leaving the creases in them to give an extremely unique appearance. These creases throughout the transfer procedure became warmly known as “smiles” and graphic designers are prepping for these in the artwork.

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