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sublimation clothing

The exciting trend to embrace the wow-worthy sublimation clothing pieces

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  • July 19, 2016

Every year the global fashion scene witnesses few definite trends and highlights, and this year it is absolutely about the vibrant and realistic prints brought in by the cutting-edge sublimation printing process. The sublimation clothing fashion is creating a stir in the global fashion scene, and be it the celebs , models or the fashion-conscious women, no one is leaving a stone unturned to wear them with refined finesse and poise.

Though this has become one of the major fashion highlights, still there are people today , who are puzzled and confused to do these printed outfits. The prints are dominating the wardrobes today, and with the right guidelines, you can be a complete pro in donning them.

Wondering why they are garnering so much attention these days? Here are few reasons which prove their worth.

Addition of color to a boring outfit

No matter which color accent you are working on for a definite attire, if it is too plain and simple, the printed clothing piece worn with it will give way to a wonderful fusion. The addition of colors to a drab and banal outfit is possible through the sublimation pieces.

Mind-blowing visual interest

sublimation shirts

The proper fashion brought in by wearing prints can make you visually appealing and interesting, for instance , the sublimation shirts go good with denims, and a lot of attention falls on you amidst crowd.

Fun and frolic

Be it fun or frolic, and even flirty , prints can liven up the wearer and the people around instantly. The florals give a flirty poise, with feminine grace , whereas the graphics are funky and quirky to wear.

Prints for every occasion and season

The best things about patterned and printed outfits is that they are found in outfits which go with any occasion and purpose easily. If florals are good for the beach , the graphics are better for the casual strolls and pool parties!

Good for short heighted people

Prints work great for the people who are of short stature , as prints and patterns create longer lines and render a lean and slim look.

sublimation clothing

We will get you covered with the most fascinating and newfangled array of prints available in sublimation clothing industry.

The witty texts

The recent trend to wear witty and funny texts , messages and ones liners, and this is possible with sublimation process as this helps to get a neat and clean rather a very realistic silhouette. Mainly found on t-shirts , they look good for being worn with shorts and denims and mainly for the casual occasions.

Realistic illustrated designs

Here, the designs are chosen and then they are modified on the illustrator software to give a funny and vibrant print on the outfit. Even the faces of celebs and sports stars get their faces printed on the t-shirts and jackets through the cutting-edge sublimation process.

The smart 3-D prints

The three dimensional prints are delivered through the advanced technology of sublimation and especially for the kids and youngsters , these outfits are very much in rage.

sublimation clothing

For the fans of the artists

The fans of the different Celebes, artists, movies , serials, shows can now get show their love for them through the sublimated printed outfits , which come embossed with their faces, names and any other thing related to them.

Apart from these , the exciting trend of wearing sublimated soccer uniforms in the form of jerseys, is also in vogue.

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