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The Patterns Observed in Sublimated Socks!

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  • April 8, 2017

Socks like fitness wear and other products that often verged on being bland and not so fashion-inclined have emerged to be trendsetters too! The use of sublimated inks has increased a lot and it is a point to be noted for the retail business owners that they can’t stick to old varieties of white, black and grey or printed ones when dealing in socks. This is the age of sublimation prints becoming popular and sublimated socks are not going to miss the list of top trendy ones.

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The geometric lines

The print that is shouting out loud that check me out is the geometric pattern and it is finding a place in the prints on the pair of socks, too! Think mathematics, think geometry and the designers are crafting voluminous pairs of socks with geometric lines, shapes and more! So it is time to let pair of feet to stand out and the manufacturers of sublimation socks are walking that extra mile so that the business owners dealing with socks can offer such variety to the single buyers.

The bold floral patterns

Floral prints never go old and with transformations and tweaks the flower-power quotient is ruling in socks too! A zigzag floral pattern on the socks with bright colors, jewel tones used on mute bases are grabbing eyeballs. The manufacturers are going bold and creative with the prints and now be the ‘it’ personality sporting the sublimated socks.

The abstract prints

Abstract prints have entered the fashion scene in a big way and there are no two ways about dilly-dallying with this fact! With a dash of flamboyant colors and prints used, the sublimated socks manufacturers are using this print on socks. These are appealing to the new-age fashion brigade who think of sublimation at one go whenever it is fashion-talks!

The icons on socks!

Whether it is the musical legends, the rappers, the heroes, the athletes or the brands, they find a place in prints of socks. So with lots of cues for the manufacturers to pay heed to, this is one option that is already a big hit and designers just need to encash this fact!

With the leading manufacturers offering such variety in the category of sublimation socks, bulk buyers must place the order with ease and wisely to nudge their business in the right way!

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