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The Sublimated Colour Trends of 2017 and How They are Going to be Big!

  • oasissublimation
  • February 18, 2017

We all know that sublimation has much to do with a variety of prints and patterns. But what about the different textures that it sports? It is like no one ever wants to answer this pending question. Colours are important! The nature has its shades; the tree has its undercurrents, even the sky has a variety of hues! We cannot live a monochromatic life, colours are very important. They add vigour to our lives. Thus, focusing on the palettes that are anticipated to become big in 2017, here is a list on how sublimation can be used on different products to bring out the true beauty of the mentioned shades. Read on and find out more!

The navy for the traditionalists!

There is something timelessly classy about blue. Versatile in nature, the broad spectrum of colour that falls under this category will redefine everything in 2017. From sublimated socks to t-shirts, the list of items showcasing this colour is going to be huge. Navy, especially the denim shade, is going to be the dominant colour of this year. Many fashion enthusiasts believe that it is the subtle and simplicity of the spectrum which makes it so popular with the classicists, who prefer sophistication over everything else.

The green for the Scandi influenced!

Green is the best reflection of nature. Look around and see the trees! With spring here, this bold shade is going to be another favourite. Inspired by nature, this hue perfectly showcases the wild and raw side of nature. Green as preferred by many fashion buffs represents growth and prosperity. So do not be surprised to see sublimated teamwear and other products in this very Scandinavian influenced motif. In fact, many people even link it to romanticism, only adding to the shades mysterious aura.

The colour bursts for bohemians!

Bright colours and vibrant textures, this is exactly what makes the bohemian colours. Imagine the bazaars of Morocco! Drawing direct inspiration from the vivid ranges of colours that are incorporated together, a theme that mixes stories of adventures and travels, is what you can expect to see this year, at least when it comes to the fashion front. Though they have always been popular with the hipster population, as they were always fascinated by the mysterious world the narrow lanes of the bazaars created. Textured layers and broad spectrum of shades juxtaposed will thus be used on a variety of clothing apparels.

The whites and greys for the calm and collected!

Serene and calm to look at, the shades of white and grey reflects contemporary ideas well. When it comes to clothing, pristine white is preferred by many for its sheer ability to add elegance and class to an appearance. Grey is very conventional and versatile, as it can be combined with a variety of other colours that further enhances the entire look. When combined with sublimated dye on clothes, these look breathtakingly beautiful.

Apply these colours on any sublimated clothes, be it custom lacrosse socks, t-shirts, pants, towels, jackets or jerseys, integrate them and look like a winner. Prominent manufacturers have a vast inventory of sublimated clothes that make a noteworthy splurge. Furthermore, retailers or store owners can make a bulk purchase while securing striking discounts.

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