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Tips to Follow When you are Buying the Best Basketball Socks

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  • December 26, 2019

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the new pairs of basketball socks. Read on to find the tips you need to keep in mind before purchasing the pairs. The perfect pieces should offer the comfort needed complement the playing style whenever on pitch of the wearer. The leading custom basketball socks manufacturers are coming up with the best pieces for your collection, which are on equal parts very fashionable and will aid your game in everyway possible.

Take a note on the tips you need to follow before buying:

Material Check

Performance socks are an amalgamation of various fabric mixes, cotton, polyester, nylon and elastane. Try avoiding cotton socks as these pieces soak up moisture fast and takes more time to dry which will prove opposite to your purpose. On the other hand, synthetic mixtures dry up fast and retain shape much longer. Elastane or spandex, makes these pieces very flexible and adds stretch which caters to the comfort.


This is a personal choice, but try to pick out the ones which are a little thicker than the regular pieces. While choosing something thick, you will feel more friction helping you to maintain stability. You will be able to avoid blisters which will make your moves lot more prompt and quick!

Arch Support

You need to resort to something that will provide you with added cushioning in the forefoot and around the heels. This will help you lockdown your foot inside the shoes. You will also come across some socks which has compression bands and provides an additional arch support. This will keep your foot nice and tucked in, providing you the firm fit.

Heat Insulation Factor

You will find a lot of pieces which are flexible and very durable, and dries fast, too. But there is something which puts them on the unique list, which is the heat insulating factor. A lot of times your foot tends to sweat, with these socks and the intelligent designs you will be able to keep your feet cool. So, if you have warm and sweaty feet, these socks are the go- to choice for you.

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