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Tumblr Themed Sublimated Clothing You Can Wear This Summer

  • oasissublimation
  • May 10, 2019

Summer break has already begun and its time that you get creative with some hands on styling sessions. If there’s one way you can incorporate some fun aspects in your clothing, then it must be the sublimation way. For the millennial who like to style their clothing aesthetically, there’s a good way to derive some inspiration from the internet. Thus, tumblr can be your best way to create cool outfits for the summer.

Owing to the increasing demand for stylish and iconic clothing pieces, sublimation manufacturers usa has come up with a collection you should definitely have a look at. Hence read on the blog below to know about the various ways you can create tumblr themed clothing styles.

Grunge vibe

The grunge aesthetic is a favorite of emo teens. They love to adorn anything that is dark, mysterious yet has a structural appeal to it. Hence, you can browse around for colors like blue, blacks, grey and even deep green.

The best grunge tumblr outfit you can opt for is a sublimated denim jacket, ripped black jeans and a sleeveless white tank top. This outfit may sound basic but if styled in the right way you can wear this apart from heavy metal concerts as well.

Pastel vibe

The pastel vibe is really synonymous to summer. You can imbibe some cool pastel vibes to create an outfit that basically comprises of feminine clothing pieces. Hence all you need to do is opt for a pastel pink crop top and a satin lavender colored short skirt. For the layering piece, select a white mesh shrug to complete the look.

This outfit is perfect for the beach gateway or a fun brunch day out with friends. You can also swap the skirt for a pastel yellow track jacket if sporty is more of your vibe.

Art hoe

Art hoe aesthetic is quite tantamount to independent people who resort to art as a form of self-expression. Hence, you can opt for colors that are derived from the nature. It can be anything from yellow, green, orange and even blue.

Thus, all you need to do is opt for a mustard yellow turtleneck top and high waisted mom jeans. For the jacket you can opt for a cropped burgundy denim wear. The idea here is to basically curate pieces that are versatile in nature.

Plant mama

If you have a backyard that is full of seasonal and perennial plants and a dressing table that has pretty flower and not to forget a study table lined with succulents, then guess what; you’re a plant mama. Plant moms are sensible and easy going people who love to dress up in anything that is minimalistic and cool.

Thus, you can opt for a leaf print botanical dress that can be worn with a cropped jacket. For the shoes, a pair of ballerina is good enough to complete the look.

Mean girl

Yes, Regina George does exist and her aesthetic is liked by many girls. If you want to wear pink like the antagonist of a teen movie, then tumblr is there with a whole new collection of outfit ideas that you cannot ignore.

Opt for a baby pink off shoulder satin blouse and a lace skater dress. For the shoes, a pair of mint green peep toe is crazy yet cool.

Business owners who want to include trendy sublimated swimwear and casual wear in their store can get in touch with one of the popular suppliers. All you need to do is have a look through the expansive collection of clothing pieces. After doing so, state the bulk needs to the customer care team for the same.

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