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Sublimation Capris Pant

What Happened When Freshness of Sublimation Mingled With Chic Of Capris?

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  • October 20, 2015

There will always be a debate as to who really introduced capri- a piece of extravagant style, to the world; but no can deny that top designers and manufacturers played an important role in bringing them to the mainstream. Yes, manufacturers! If it wasn’t for them and their quality wholesale capri pants after all, the world would have been oblivious to all the possible varieties in this niche. And the latest and most stylish variety that is doing rounds in the market these days are sublimated capris.

Wholesale sublimated capri pants 

Sublimated capris- a heightening craze

What happens when two strong forces collide or combine with each other? We see a change; we see something new and fresh. This exactly what has happened when manufacturers combined freshness of sublimation to the chic of capris. And the world got a piece that left them mesmerized- sublimated shorts capri. Now we might have exaggerated things here a bit, but you understand it right?

Chic and comfortable

These sublimation stretch capri pants come in large color and pattern variation, from white floral to pink diamond. They are very fashionable, and have that casual and ‘don’t care’ feeling, which today’s Gen-Y loves to flaunt. Besides they are made from a range of fabrics like spandex, cotton, polyester or blend. These high quality fabrics ensure that they stretchable and very comfortable.


Sublimated shorts capri has become a norm of every informal situation. From casual meet-ups and hangouts, to informal parties- you can wear them at every non-formal environment; and undoubtedly, when paired with the right top, you will simply out shine others. Plus men’s, as well as sublimated women’s capri, are widely used by many as a sleeping or night bottoms. And why not, when they are equally cozy as the specifically tailored sleeping pants and are tens times better looking.

So if your customers love capris, maybe its time to introduce them with a fresh variety of sublimated wholesale capri pants. They will love you for this!

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