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When Should You Go for DYE Sublimation Printing Technique for Your Bulk Apparel Order

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  • February 15, 2023

Are you a business owner thinking whether the dye sublimation printing technique would be a good option to go with, for your next apparel collection? Well, it won’t be just good, it would be great if you want to get designs that are vivid, long-lasting, and soft. In such a case, it would be even more perfect if you choose only the best among the sublimation clothing manufacturers.

A Short Introduction to DYE Sublimation

The printing method that embeds a design on a fabric using heat and ink is referred to as dye sublimation. This procedure uses a particular kind of ink known as the dispersed dyes that are often embedded into the fabric rather than printed on top of it (the reason why every sublimated clothing item is so smooth).

What Exactly Happens in DYE Sublimation?

This special printing technique comes with the following two-part procedure:

  • Using sublimation inks and a printer, the graphics are printed onto special transfer paper
  • A heat press is used to transfer the ink on paper to the substrate

In the first part, the unusual sublimation dyes are transferred to sheets of transfer paper, with the help of liquid gel ink. The ink then gets collected in the high-release inkjet papers, which are then used in the next part of the sublimation printing procedure.

In the second part, through heat, the printed transfer sheets are transferred, which changes the solid dye directly into gaseous form without going through the liquid form. The heat combined with pressure causes the dye to go to the interior of the substrate, thus developing permanent colors. The dye comes back to the solid form and the procedure is complete, once the heat is removed.

In the case of apparel, as the colors are embedded directly in the fabric, rather than printed on the surface, the images don’t crack or fade, even after multiple washing (one of the many benefits of choosing dye sublimation printing technique).

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When to Go for DYE Sublimation?

When you want a multi-colored design on a moisture-wicking, light-colored fabric, dye sublimation is best. The embedding procedure helps the clothing piece to remain not only soft to the touch but to maintain its durability as well. There is neither any possibility of the design cracking later, nor any stiffness to it. With the ink here getting embedded into the clothing piece, the design remains breathable as well as vivid.

Cooling and sun protection shirts such as long-sleeved fishing and running shirts are simply great for this kind of printing technique. Why? Well, the first reason is that these kinds of clothing are generally constructed out of polyester or nylon-based fabrics, which are the perfect materials for this kind of printing. And, the second reason is, these clothing items usually go through a lot of wear and tear during their entire usage period. While the other dying processes could crack or start to look even worse over time, dye sublimation would continue to look great for a long period of time.

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