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Which Is The Most Popular Way Of Printing On t-Shirts

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  • March 28, 2021

Whether you just planned to start selling personalized tees or are starting your own custom printing company, you need to know the difference between the various tee printing methods or techniques. A few printing techniques are best suitable for particular materials and at the same time, a particular printing technique may be best suited for a job depending on the job’s volume. Furthermore, the printing method you end up using will also be impacted by the number of shades in the design you are planning to imprint. With so many variables, it gets hard to pick a printing technique.

The reality is digital technology has changed the world of tee printing choices and many latest methods of printing have come up, but conventional printing still carries on to give a nice fight. Printing procedures such as ones used by sublimation clothing manufacturers can also be an amazing choice depending on what your customer need.

Either way, let’s put the tee printing methods side by side so that you can put your design on tees and have your designs set to sell as soon as possible.

Dye-sublimation printing is one of the most common variations of heat transfer printing. The way it functions is by digitally imprinting graphics and then heating them to carry the dye on tees.

Different from the other heat transfer printing techniques, dye sublimation printing works with dye-based ink those changes into a gas when heated. Time, pressure, and heat cause dye-based inks to go from a solid to a gas form and then back to solid again. It is pretty unbalanced as the gas mixes with the polyester, becoming part of the fabric and not a layer on top. Fascinating, right?

Sublimation is a particularly famous technique for all-over printing. Neither DTG printing nor screen printing can form the all-over print effect that dye-sublimation printing does. All-over print tees let designers completely express themselves and make exclusive tees.

Advantages of dye sublimation printing

Prints will not deteriorate, peel, crack or fade

It feels light on the hand as well as is breathable

The ink becomes a component of the tee material making the impression last for long

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