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Why Should Your Team Switch To Sublimated Jerseys?

  • oasissublimation
  • June 15, 2020

Sublimation jerseys start as digital designs – made on graphic design applications. After that, the design is imprinted on paper – in life-size – using huge format printers. The printed design is then pressed on to the material at high pressure and temperature. The pressure and heat change the design into gas, which then sticks to the molecules on the material. At last, the material pants are sewn together to make the completed jersey.

Sublimation Jerseys Offer Further Value Compared To Screen-Printed Jerseys

When a jersey is sublimated, the player names, numbers, logos, and design do not wear, crack or fade, as they are quickly infused into the material. Sublimation jerseys are different from embroidered or screen-printed jerseys. On such jerseys, the logos, etc lie on the surface of the material. Over time the logos might peel or wear off. Over the course of several seasons, the extra durability of sublimation jerseys can offer major cost savings.

Usually with sublimation jerseys, the number of logos, etc, have little influence on the cost. Put another way, the more artwork you have on those jerseys, the more cash you save over a screen-printed jersey. With popular manufacturers of wholesale sublimated jerseys, one all-in price includes everything: player names, numbers, multiple logos, etc, everything the team would like. This means teams can add artwork such as player names, sleeve logos, front-numbers, sponsor logos, etc, without hiking the price of their jerseys. One special benefit for the team would be more sponsorship possibilities without incurring further printing costs.

Sublimation Jerseys Are Better To Play In

On an embroidered or screen-printed jersey, there is always an additional cost for every extra print on the jersey. For instance, if you would like to add a sponsor logo or a player name, the price goes up.

Sublimation jerseys are comfier than regular jerseys. The material stays smooth and nice as the printing is within the material. As such, just one feels the material and not the print at all. This is a lot better than feeling the dried ink from logos, etc on a screen-printed jersey.

Business owners if you want to provide service to your sports enthusiastic customers or sports team make sure you are sourcing the best products from a noted sublimation clothing usa manufacturer. Get in touch with the support team to go through the catalog, pick out the pieces you like, and bulk order right away.

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