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Sublimated socks

Why Sublimated Socks Are Best For Sports

  • oasissublimation
  • October 9, 2016

Extremities of the body, i.e. the hand and the feet play very critical roles as far as management of body temperature is concerned. This fact becomes even more evident when sports people hit the grounds for a day of grueling training session, championship match or tournament. Maximizing the comfort of feet is thus one of the primary necessities of all sports gears, and no one can deny that it starts with choosing the right pair of socks. The world of sports in the 21st century has witnessed a steady increase in the popularity of sublimated socks which are on their way to becoming a sports clothing basic than merely an option.

There are many advantages of choosing socks with sublimation prints in comparison with conventional options. For those who are still wondering where the difference lies, the following points are sure to help

Sublimation socks are more effective when it comes to maintaining breathability of the feet. Considering the nature of printing where the ink gets injected into the fibers than laying caked on the surface, the fabric allows heat generated from the feet and legs to escape than get trapped between the fabric and skin.

Secondly, the durability of the prints is far higher than conventional printed socks where the colors fade after a couple of washes. Therefore, socks with sublimation prints can be used over and over again without losing its newness.

Thirdly, there is literally no end to the level of creativity that can be reached with sublimation printing whether in socks or other items of sports apparels / accessories. So, if you teams decide to make a difference with their socks, they can might as well, do it especially with the option of custom sublimated socks available at nothing more than a phone call.

sublimated socks

The scope of sublimation socks has gone way over and beyond the domain of sports. These are the days when formal and casual socks are also making the most of this form of printing. Women’s leggings and associated accessories have also embraced sublimation printing for the shining advantages that it offers.

The past decade has also seen a very steady rise in the number of wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of sublimation clothing and accessories options who have gone out of their way to make the process of designing easy and affordable for all. in fact, starting a sports clothing store with high quality sublimation options can now be as easy as picking up the phone and placing a call with the former.

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