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Women’s Guide To Style Prints Like A Pro!

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • August 6, 2021

Prints are an instant attention grabber. These are perfect for creating buzz worthy apparel that will make people turn your way when you strut across the street, workplace, mall or even the restaurant. You don’t have to limit your creative outputs with a statement piece when prints will help you go crazy and colorful and create the perfect balanced look!

One of the popular wholesale sublimation clothing suppliers have come up with a range of women’s sublimation printed clothing pieces that you can have a look through. So, let’s find out in the blog below about the best way to nail the prints outfit like a pro.

Minimum accessories

One of the primary approaches to create the perfect print on print look is to keep accessories to a minimum. If you are flaunting a head to toe bold print, avoid chunky jewelry, hats or even big bags with too much design. You have to let the attire do all the talking.

Complementary colors and shapes

You can create an exquisite piece of apparel if you mix the prints in the right way. Always look for complementary colors and abstract shapes that will look perfect together. For example, you cam pair a polka dot shirt with striped trousers and vice versa. You can also wear the same print in two different colors.

2 Different Prints

If you do not want to create a messy and comical attire then don’t mix more than two prints. This rule also applies to your accessories like the handbag and shoes. Kipping these neutral is the key to nailing the outfit game.

Dominant color and print

If you are planning to pair a bold print with a more delicate one, then pick a single shade from the bold print and pair it with the delicate print that utilizes only that one shade. Another way is to choose a dominant print instead of the colors to create a balanced look.

Fit and flare

Have you ever tried mixing prints between tailored and flowy pieces? For example, a fitted printed shirt with a flowy printed floral skirt can be a great way to create the print on print look that will necessarily not clash.

One of the reputed sublimated clothing manufacturers have come up with a range of apparel that you can invest in. Look for the MOQ of the products and reach out to the customer care team communicating the wholesale needs. Business owners can even avail cool discounts on the bulk investment, hence hurry!

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