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4 Alternative Sublimated Dress Designs You Can Totally Rock Now!

  • oasissublimation
  • March 12, 2018

Dresses have always made women go weak in the knees, but the ones this blog is going to discuss are little alternative options that the sassy ladies can try for sure! They aren’t for the regular princess; hey, who said princesses could of just one sort?

If you too believe in rocking your fashion boat a little every now and then, then these 4 sublimated dress designs are just the thing you need this summer.

Disclaimer: These designs are a bit on the edge and you need one hell of an attitude to make them work. Make sure you bring out the rock chick in you before sporting any of the below!

1. The camouflage

A print of toughness and durability, sublimation brings out a different fervour in the camouflage print. Not for the faint hearted, this dress is best worn sleeveless with an above- the- knee-length end.

Sounds rocking right?

It definitely is. To add some more spice to it, you could add on a bit of metal and leather jewelry with ankle length combat boots to sport underneath. With the right attitude in this look, anyone could get people swooning!
By the way, you could leave your hair open or mess it up in a bun with a pin that matches your attire.

2. The Rockstar

Featuring a mike and starry skies, the rockstar sublimation dress has a deep V neck and comes in darker shades.

With tons of opportunities to accessorize with this look, from leather and metal to bling options, this is an alternative princess’ anthem in every possible way.

You could wear it with heeled sandals, leather boots, or thigh highs, depending on the length of your dress. Add some avant-garde nail paint or rub in jet black on your rock fingers to give out the clear message – that you are a rebel at heart!

3. Gothic Print

Have you always been one who sports dark lipsticks that whisper dark humor in the ears of your friends? Them, a gothic printed, boat neck, three quarter sleeved dress is definitely for you.

Featuring harrowing images of the night and dark, it is for people who look at life from the other end. Definitely not an option for the conventional and the faint- hearted!

Plus, the only accessory that matters with this dress is how you do your hair adding the right boldness.

4. Symmetrical Prints

These are for the creative at heart who have a tough time explaining their worldview to regular people. Symmetrical designs represent the complexity of their thoughts and yet show the beauty they are capable of producing.

Of course you could always wear it if your heart wished, but then you too might be creative at heart.

Also, these sublimation dresses are very classy and can totally be worn as formal evening wear.

If you think you have the right attitude to carry any of these dresses or prints, don’t wait any longer. Get them from your nearby retailer who stacks them up from wholesale sublimated apparel manufacturers!

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