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5 Thanksgiving Themes That Will Give Your Jersey A Sweet Twist

  • oasissublimation
  • November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving is around the corner and you are now focused on preparing a delicious meal for your friends and family. But what are you going to wear for the big night? How about a jersey? Wait; let’s rephrase the sentence, how about a Thanksgiving themed jersey. Complementing the décor, your sublimated jersey with a motif so fitting will make the evening special. But are lacking ideas for the sublimation prints? Here is a list of five themes that you can swear by for an authentic feel of the Thanksgiving.

The feathered extravagance

Thanksgiving without a turkey is unimaginable. And nothing can be better than embellishing your jersey with some feathery extravagance. You don’t have to go over the top. Use a black background with some feather on the sleeves and shoulders. Sublimated jerseys are the best to pick the true essence of this theme. You can also use handprints and splashes of colors on the jersey to give it a fun turn.

The golden glow

Thanksgiving is associated with certain colors and golden carves the way for the rest. Usually centered on the harvest season, you can use the golden color to dye sublimate on your jersey. Reflecting the perfect theme of fall abundance, you can use variations with yellow as well. For a more rustic feel, use brown on the jerseys as well.

Around the world

Rather than sticking to the original American tradition, this year you can celebrate Thanksgiving by incorporating it with the different cultures from around the world. Be it the colorful luxury from Asia or subtle reflection of the Europeans, you can use a wide variety of shades and textures on your jersey to make it a stand out piece this year.

The traditional way

Thanksgiving highlights the story of the pilgrims and nothing can get better than using traditional colors and motifs on your jersey. Red, orange, blue and yellow are some of the hues from the vast spectrum that you can rely on. You can also use mayflower prints and tiny pilgrim patterns on the jersey for an authentic feel.

The natural elements

The earthy colors and motifs can never get old and never feels out of place no matter what the occasion is. With an abundance of flora to choose from, you can use an excess of green and its different shades to highlight your jersey this Thanksgiving season. The warmth of the color green will stand out against the monotony of the surroundings, helping you make a remarkable impression.

Thus, this Thanksgiving, use the best of themes and match your jerseys with it for a sweet and subtle kink. Different from your regular jerseys, these are easier to dress for they resonate well with the festivities. Dress up your jersey or wear it in a simple ensemble, these Thanksgiving-themed jerseys are bound to impress all with their unique and exclusive appeal. Dye sublimated jerseys featuring festive treat are available with the best manufacturers in the industry. Interested retailers can make a purchase of the same by simply registering with the manufacturers online. Massive discounts can also be attained by bulk buyers.

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