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5 Tips to Make Your Sublimated Print Jersey Stand Out

  • oasissublimation
  • April 5, 2017

Over the last few seasons, sublimated t-shirts and jerseys have witnessed a tremendous growth in their popularity. Much of it is a result of their extreme ability to adapt well. Whether wearing them on the field, or maybe out on the streets, these have generated quite a hubbub in the fashion and sports circuit.

If you are looking to get hold of sublimated jerseys for your team (for them to make a stellar appearances when playing a match), there are certain tips that you need to familiarise yourself with. Read on for below mentioned is a comprehensive tip list that will help your boys be the show stealers.

Tip 1: Know the process

Dye sublimation can be a comparatively easy process when you know the correct technique. And it is very important to know the process before jumping into it. Sublimation print uses ink from a sheet and transfers it on canvas (fabric in this case). It spreads the ink across the piece of clothing, and when it dries you get the desired result. The procedure offers a variety of possibilities and unlike other alternative methods, sublimation covers every inch of the cloth, creating a spectacular result.

Tip 2: Use the correct fabric

The reason behind why the correct fabric should be picked when undergoing the process of dye sublimation is actually simple- the ink needs to spread properly in order to look good and even. While custom sublimation shirts and jerseys manufacturers use a blend of polyester and cotton (where cotton provides comfort and polyester picks the ink well!), many use synthetic fabrics due to their durability and strength to endure the heat it is exposed during the process. Thus, make a proper pick.

Sublimated jerseys

Tip 3: Have a vision

Before you opt for the method, have a vision in your mind. What is it that you exactly want? How do you want the jersey to look? For once you get the prints done, it cannot be undone. So have the designs ready on a piece of paper. Think of the outcome of the jersey. Once the fabric is selected, make sure to pick the colours and styles properly in order to avoid confusion.

Tip 4: Go for subtle patterns

To make your jersey look more personal, you can use prints of your own choice. But even when incorporating your designs, make sure to go for subtle and sophisticated patterns. Can you imagine your favourite player wearing something mind-numbing and blinding? No right! Too bright patterns may not be a great choice for that is just going to look flashy, something which you definitely do not want on the fields. Picking vibrant textures will do the part, but steer clear of loud patterns.

Tip 5: Become a part of the bandwagon

In order to get on with the trend of sublimation, you have to truly surrender yourself to the movement. Yes, arguably, sublimation printing has become a massive bandwagon that many have become part of. So if you are to reap off the benefits that this printing method provides, comprehending it is truly required.

Custom sublimated t-shirts and jerseys are stylish and comfortable, enough to help the player be at the pinnacle of both effortlessly. Prominent manufacturers not only allow you to tweak the jerseys with your own designs, but craft them with utmost care. They can be purchased in bulk at discounted rates as you register with them.

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