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5 Types of People You See as Football Audience and The Way They Wear Jerseys

  • oasissublimation
  • July 14, 2017

When you visit the football field to watch a match, you actually come across so many types of people. The sheer variety in the kind of people who attend the match is truly surprising. While some are really pumped up about the match, others are there to well, just to take selfies. Now each person coming as a spectator or alike always has a particular way of dressing up.

Thus, picking up five such people here is a short description of what they do and what they wear.

Type no 1: The true blue fan

These people are the true sports fan. They love the game they are watching and follow it closely. These people also have their favorites picked, so expect them to cheer when a goal is scored. They usually wear the jersey showcasing the number of their favorite player. The main aim for them is to support their team and rest is just not that important.

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Type no 2: The selfie expert

Now they will click dozens of pictures of them in the stands and post it on the social media accounts, using a bunch of hashtags and quotes. They will be perfectly dressed; maybe a little too dressed for the event with colorful t-shirts and jerseys. Wholesale sublimation jerseys that are picture ready are available with reputed manufacturers.

Type no 3: The critique

Like their counterpart (type 1), they too are serious about the game and follow it minutely. However, they have an eye which is overtly critical. Throughout the game, they maintain a straight face and usually frown at everything. And if the team misses a goal, be ready to hear a shower of abuses. They avoid colorful dresses, and like their mood, keep the clothes one dimensional.

Type no 4: The over enthusiast

They need a chance to stand up and dance. They shout at the top of their voice and are drunk on gusto. They cheer loud and enjoy the game just like it is supposed. They might not be knowledgeable about football, but they do know a thing or two about it. They also slip into the team jersey they are supporting. Oh, these are the people who can be spotted with the biggest popcorn tub.

Type no 5: The bored

Maybe a friend hurled them to the field, or they are there because their partners are in love with football, but they give zero squats about sports and team and the sweaty people around. They just want the game to over soon so that they can go hit some club or maybe a theatre. Dressed in regular clothes like t-shirts and jeans, they just want out.

Honest question, which one are you? No matter which group you fall, visiting the field should be a reason enough to wear colorful jerseys. Reputed sublimated jerseys manufacturer have the best of the same displayed in their catalog. Bright colors and comfort wear are the key aspects of the jerseys and can be bulk purchased at discounted prices by the retailers. So next time you go for a match, pick a jersey beforehand.

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