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5 Types of Sublimation Clothing You Probably Did Not Know are Trending!

  • oasissublimation
  • June 22, 2018

Sublimation Clothing has always been one of the big guns when it comes to fashion and now it has transcended on to newer grounds which are making their own journey. The tech does not just produce sublimated jerseys anymore; today, sublimated dye has moved on to apparels, that no one would have thought needed it in the first place.

But now, these new generation of sublimation apparels are trending and kind of a must-have for retailers who are interested in this genre of fashion. Let’s find out the top 5 –

Sublimated Bras

Being an innerwear, no one would have ever thought that sublimated bras will be a thing. But now, with time, women have grown a passion to leave behind the dull and boring innerwear wardrobes that have haunted them for decades and try things that are more colorful and exciting. Cut to now, and sublimated bras are ruling the market of women’s innerwear – from sports to regular and even plus size, these bras have the same features to offer – but they look great while doing so.

These apparels are doing their part in trying to fix the American divorce statistics and who knows, they might succeed.

Sublimated Beach Wear

When we were talking about bras, you might of thought that beach wear would come under it, but no! The reason is simple, these apparels aren’t worn under covers and while it was always exciting, sublimated dye has given it a new life of sorts. From the best in class printed designs to wonderful geometric patterns, sublimated beach wear is sure making summer 2018 very exciting. And it doesn’t just end with the two piece story, sublimated clothing has great options in the monokini two and that has going all the ladies gaga over it.

So, the next time you are on the beach and you see sublimated bikinis all around, don’t be surprised!

Sublimated Socks

Who would have thought that one day, socks would be so colorful and vibrant? Sublimated socks are a revelation in every sense of the term and come with some of the best designs, whether it be in retro or contemporary motifs. The mind blowing color rendition of these pairs are a welcome change from the neutral and boring complexion of regular socks and each of them make for an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Sublimated patterns are available in ankle length and high top variants and some of them also come below the ankle, as feet length, which is cool for concealing when wearing deep cut shoes while trying to maintain proper feet hygiene.

Sublimated Gloves

Gloves have always come in black, greys, blues, reds, and whites, and no one would have ever imagined them to become any more stylish when it comes to designs and patterns. Yet, most of us were wrong and gloves did become very unique and stylish over the years – sublimation gloves have been a tremendous trend over time now and some people just cannot get enough of it. From winter and woolen gloves, to biking gloves, sublimated dye has truly changed the topography of the glove industry and is the next big thing to have happened to the accessory ever since O.J. Simpson!

Sublimated Caps

Caps have always been a sports fashion staple and sublimated dye has completely changed the very base of the matter. With caps being sublimated, it has become more stylish than ever and both men and women are going crazy with it. Now, be it the tennis or golf course, or baseball pitch, athletes can finally add some cool design to their caps and no one is complaining!

These are the top 5 types of sublimation clothing that most people did not know was trending. But, now that you do, head over to your nearest sublimated retailer and get your pick of the best, before the season ends!

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