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6 Popular Designs For Your Sublimated T-shirts

  • oasissublimation
  • May 23, 2016

While customization options with sublimated polos and round-neck tees provide the opportunity to small businesses to personalize their wholesale accordingly their customers’ specific needs and demands, it is a challenge in itself. What kind of colour combination should you choose? What kind of design should you go for? And so forth. If you find yourself in doubt with these same questions, you’re in for a treat. Here we provide you with 6 very popular sublimation designs for t shirts that vouch to delight each of your customers effortlessly. Take note and contact a good sublimation wear manufacturer today.

For your customers who like things simple and standard

  1. Sweet, funny texts– For these customers, texts can never go wrong. Sweet, simple and funny texts are very appealing. Also, you can use popular movie quotes. Like “Why so serious” from Batman, “I am going to make him an offer that he can’t refuse” from Godfather are very popular quotes and needs no explanation. So dig a deeper and pick such quotes from internet.

    sublimated tshirt
    3D Sublimation T-shirt
  2. Superhero graphics– Batman and Superman graphic tees are outrageously popular in the market; and so are the marvel t-shirts of Iron man and Captain America. These are the obvious options to go with. But there are many other superheroes that can be just as appealing option for graphic on tees. Wolverine, Spiderman, Thor, Wonder Woman and so forth. Of course you can be more creative and design unique graphics of these superheroes.
  3. Popular Cartoons– We love everything about our childhood and it is for this that even when adults we just can’t let go of cute cartoons characters. Cartoon graphics on sublimated polos and round necks are very popular. Unsurprisingly, Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck tops that popularity list. But others like Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo, Aladdin, Scooby Doo aren’t too far behind either. Go with such characters as well.

For your customers who like making bold style statement

  1. 3D Graphics– Lately 3D graphic t-shirts has become quite a craze in the market. Life-like graphics, which looks like they are coming out from the tee, turn people’s head and catch their attention; something that people who likes to go bold with their outfits dig. 3D graphics could be of many things- cars, people, animals or anything and everything.
  2. Animal graphicsSublimated T-shirts with animal graphics has always been very popular. Cats, puppies, Chihuahua, turtles are some very common choices; and so are tigers, wolves and giraffes. In this department you get plenty of options. Regardless which animal you choose, there will always be a section of consumers who will adore the tees.

    Sublimated Tshirts
    Cute Elephant T-shirt
  3. Full Floral– For some reasons, floral patterns, along with ornamental, are highly likeable on all kinds of wears, let alone sublimated tees. So they are quite a no brainer. Highly popular among the female customers, you can go with full frontal floral pattern on your tees. It would look more bold- perfect for the customers who you’re targeting here.

These are the six very popular sublimation design for t shirts that you should customize your wholesale with. Now go contact a good sublimation wear manufacturer who offers wide and easy personalization option in the first place.

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