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A List of Different Variants of Selfie Worthy Sublimated T-Shirts

  • oasissublimation
  • October 19, 2018

Sublimated clothing has become a rage, among the millennium people. In fact, popular sublimation t-shirts manufacturer has come across demands from the retailers with regard to fashionable sublimated sportswear, active wear and casual clothing. From unique prints to quotes, there’s something for everyone. Retailers who want to include such trendy pieces in their collection can get in touch with wholesalers of sublimated clothing. In the meantime, find out the various designs that has created a buzz in the sublimated fashion industry.

Scenery design:

Are you yearning for the beach vacation for which you’re saving up for a long time? Well, you can wear your wish with style until the funds meets the required criteria. You can find many such t-shirts in fun beach scenery and ombre blue designs that are perfect for a day around the town during the summer. Be effortless and chic with the help of ripped denim shorts and some slippers with attached with pompoms.

Quote avatar:

Just like graphic tees, you can find various sublimated tees in fun quotes. You’ll find specific pieces to meet all your moods. From poetic French lines to emo graphic statements, there’s something for everyone. Style it any way you want because your shirt will do the talking. In fact, some active wear retailers are also incorporating such designs into the clothing, to make a trendy statement with the clothing.

Animal mania:

Animal print is one such thing that is not only cute but also chic in nature. If you think that you might look like a tacky teenager at a party, then consider opting for the minimalistic designs. Generally animal themes like grumpy cat or doggo memes are a rage. Therefore, browse through the range to find out what suits you better.

Foodie delight:

Who doesn’t love to sport a cute pizza print on their shirt? Well, everybody does. And not just pizza but cute French fries and burger emoticons as well. These are absolutely perfect for a cool casual wear and can be teamed up with denim pants and skirts too. You can even look up the internet and find several ways on how to style the food emoticon shirts.

Retailers who want to include such t-shirts in their stock, can get custom sublimated shirts and design it according to their brand needs. All they have to do is select the design with the help of the creative team and state the required bulk needs.



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