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sublimated clothing

Are you a F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series lover? Show your admiration through sublimated clothing

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  • June 14, 2016

Friends , the iconic TV show ever made , has been gracing our screens since 1994, and we can never get tired of the awesomeness it holds! From being the teacher of friendship, to inculcating within us the meaning of what life is all about, the audience has always been grateful to the cast and crew for gifting us with such an amazing TV show ever! With 10 seasons, the craze of Friends is still intact, and people do not mind watching the episodes again and again on internet. After all, we all have a little bit of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler within us, don’t we?

When it comes to flaunting your love for this television series, nothing can be better than the printed tees and hoodies which are produced through the cutting-edge sublimation technology , resulting in high quality and realistic images and prints on the outfits, and all credits go to the leading sublimated clothing manufacturers for stacking the retail stores with something which is loved by so many!

Wondering what these sublimated clothes depict to pay honor to this epic TV show? Here we get you covered :

Theme song

“I’ll be there for you” , could you stop humming this theme song being an ardent Friends fan? The t-shirts are printed with the lyrics of this theme song in stylized fonts and colors, and are enough to make you dance to the silent music of the song!

Sublimated clothing
Sublimated T shirt

How you doing?

We can never get rid of the chat up line used by Joey Tribbiani , “How You Doing”! This is one of the most popular sayings, and the manufacturers and designers are inscribing them through sublimation printing technology, with the sarcastic expression of Joey embossed beside.

Crazy one liners

The whole series was all about the sarcastic and funny quotes, conversations and one liners which would be hilarious enough to brighten one’s day. Hence, these quotes had to get a place in the sublimated clothes, through different ways, be it the font style, or the usage of color scheme.

Cannot forget the cameos

Friends was not about the six of the madcaps, but also about the cameos which showcased the globally acclaimed actors like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bruce Wills . These people also get their representations printed through real life like images on the sublimated clothes, be it the shirts or jackets.

Phoebe’s unique songs

They might be meaningless and out of the tune, but the lyrics could actually make you laugh your heart out! How about wearing a tee with Phoebe’s lyrics embossed all over?

Ross and Rachel love story

Yes, relationship goals is what this couple gave! The tops for women are printed with the romantic images of this couple, with amorous quotes to complement with.

sublimated clothing
Sublimated Polo Shirt

The Central Perk Cafe

Rings a bell? Yes, the place where they used to talk about everything, from love, friendship , life’s regrets and what not! The manufacturers and custom sublimated jacket designers craft the hoodies and outerwears in images depicting different scenes of the central perk cafe .

Last but not the least, memories of friendship

The manufacturers and designers also take up the slices and moments of memories from the whole 10 years series , with the most iconic scenes and incidents imprinted on the sublimated clothes , playing the best tribute to the show.

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